Avalanche Newspaper
  • periodical
  • folded broadsheet
  • offset-printed
  • loose leaves
  • black-and-white
  • 42 x 29 cm.
  • 48 pp.
  • edition size unknown
  • unsigned and unnumbered

Avalanche Newspaper

[Liza Béar Cover] / No. 13 (Summer 1976)

Willoughby Sharp, Liza Béar, Colleen Fitzgibbon, Jim Roche, Reiner Ruthenbeck, Bas Jan Ader, Meredith Monk, Diego Cortez

Avalanche Newspaper


The final issue of the quarterly periodical Avalanche, edited by Liza Béar. Contents "Fitzgibbon, Colleen," taped by Liza Béar; "Jim Roche: Straight Razor," Jim Roche talks to Willoughby Sharp in Tallahassee, Florida; "Reiner Ruthenbeck: 'Eclipse,'" interview between Reiner Ruthenbeck and Willoughby Sharp; "Bas Jan Ader: In Search of The Miraculous," a telephone conversation with Mary Sue Ader; "Meredith Monk: Invocation/Evocation," a dialogue between Meredith Monk and Liza Béar; "Diego Cortez: An Obvious Kind of Eyesore," a dialogue between Diego Cortez and Liza Béar. Cover: Liza Bear.


No. 4.12 in "Artists' Magazines : An Alternative Space for Art" by Gwen Allen. Cambridge / London, MA / United Kingdom : The MIT Press, 2011, pp. 118, 119, 242.

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