0 TO 9
  • periodical
  • wrappers
  • offset-printed
  • staple bound
  • black-and-white
  • 28 x 21.6 cm.
  • 116 pp.
  • edition size unknown
  • unsigned and unnumbered

0 TO 9

No. 6 (July 1969)

Dan Graham, Bernadette Mayer, Vito Acconci, Sol LeWitt, Jerome Rothenberg, Robert Smithson, John Perreault, Yvonne Rainer, Clark Coolidge, Hannah Weiner, Les Levine, Adrian Piper, Eduardo Costa, Kenneth Koch, Philip Corner, Jack Anderson, Rosemary Mayer, John Inslee, Jasper Johns, Alan Sondheim, Lee Lozano, Lawrence Weiner, Steve Paxton, Bernar Venet, Robert Barry, John Giorno, Douglas Huebler, Karen Pirups-Hvarre, Michael Heizer, Bernadette Meyer, Nels Richardson, Larry Fagin, Rosemary Fagin, Bern Porter

0 TO 9


Issue number six of the irregularly issued periodical "0 to 9" edited by Bernadette Mayer and Vito Acconci. Contents include "Sketchbook Notes," by Jasper Johns; "Automatic Writing from my Movies," by Yvonne Rainer; "On Machines," by Alan Sondheim; "Dialogue Piece," by Lee Lozano; "State," by Steve Paxton; "Contacts/Contexts (Frame of Reference): Ten Pages of Reading Roget's Thesauraus (New York: St. Martin's Press, 1965)," by Vito Acconci; "Proposition for a Play," by Bernar Venet; "The Space Between Pages 29 & 30," by Robert Barry; "Eisenhower and the Hippies," by Dan Graham; "Solo (A Dance)," by John Perreault; "General Strike Piece," by Lee Lozano; "Map," by Robert Smithson; "Nine Nevada Depressions," by Michael Heizer; "Pages from Suite V," by Clark Coolidge; "The Space Between Pages 74 & 75," by Robert Barry; "Definitions at the Center of the Newspaper, June 13, 1969," by Bernadette Mayer; "(White Dwarf)," by Nels Richardson; "For Don Judd," by Larry Fagin; "Trans-Space Communication," by Hannah Weiner; "Upside Down Tree," by Robert Smithson; and untitled pieces by Lawrence Weiner, Philip Corner, John Giorno, Douglas Huebler, Karen Pirups-Hvarre, Adrian Piper, Douglas Huebler, Bern Porter, Dan Graham and Sol LeWitt.


"In Numbers : Serial Publications by Artists Since 1955" by Andrew Roth, Philip Aarons, Victor Brand, Clive Phillpot, Neville Wakefield, Nancy Princenthal, William S. Wilson. Zurich / New York, Switzerland / NY : JRP - Ringier / PPP Editions, 2008, pp. 34 - 35 and 37.
No. 3.6, 3.7, and 3.8 in "Artists' Magazines : An Alternative Space for Art" by Gwen Allen. Cambridge / London, MA / United Kingdom : The MIT Press, 2011, pp. 82, 86, 88, 230.

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0 TO 9 / No. 5 (January 1969)
Condition:  Fair. Moderate soiling of covers including overall rubbing; 17.6 x 1.1 cm. area of water damage to bottom of recto which lightly carries through to the first two pages; multiple small tears along spine edge and areas of loss measuring 2 cm. and 6 mm.; 3.1 cm dog-ear to upper left corner; 2. 5 cm. dog-ear to upper right corner of recto and first two pages; and a 3 cm. indentation on recto. 2.3 cm. dog ear to top corner of verso with moderate rubbing and light indentations of verso; 1.2 cm. thick strip of soiling along top edge. Verso and last 26 pages of periodical have gentle bisecting fold mark. Soiling to page edges. Additional light handling wear.
[Object # 27751]