Trans Arts. Cultures. Media
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Trans Arts. Cultures. Media

Vol. 1 No. 1 (November 1995)

Sandra Antelo-Suarez, Guy Brett, Gerardo Mosquera, Roger Denson, Barry Schwabsky, Paul Miller, DJ Spooky, Ben Neill, Ken Lum, Sheila Faria Glaser, Ernesto Laclau, Judith Butler, Reinaldo Laddaga, Thomas McEvilley, Bill Jones, Gregory Volk, Paul Mattick, Sonia Salztein-Goldberg, Karen Stempel, Erena Hernandez, Maureen Sherlock, Dan Cameron, Reginald Woolery, Lisette Lagnado, Nancy Campbell, Matthew Weinstein, Michael Madore, David Reed, Felix Gonzalez-Torres

Trans Arts. Cultures. Media


Edited by Sandra Antelo-Suarez. Essays: "Museum Parangolé," by Guy Brett; "Power and Intercultural Curating," by Gerardo Mosquero; "Exploring a Nomadic Criticism," by G. Roger Denson; " The Crisis of Critical Sciences," by Barry Schwabsky; "TransPhonics Translinguistics," by Paul Miller / DJ Spooky and Ben Neill; "Language Barriers," by Sheila Faria Glaser; "The Uses Of Equality," By Judith Butler and Ernesto Laclau, Moderated by Reinaldo Laddaga; "Doubting Thomas : Incidents of Travel in the Contemporary Art World," by Thomas McEvilley; "Memories of Overdevelopment," by Thomas McEvilley; "Memories of Overdevelopment," by Bill Jones; "The Fantasm or Fascination," by Gregory Volk; "Ideas of Order," Paul Mattick; "Bienal de São Paulo," by Sonia Salztein-Goldberg; "Bienal de La Habana," by Karen Stempel and Erena Hernández; "About Place : Recent Art of the Americas," by Maureen Sherlock; "The Heart of Lightness," by Dan Cameron; "Filming the Black Male," by Reginald Woolery; "Art / City," by Lissette Lagnado; "Tom Dean," by Nancy Campbell; "Ernesto Neto," by Carlos Basualdo; "Felix Gonzalez-Torres," by Mathew Weinstein; "David Reed," by Michael Madore. Includes contributors biographies. Text in English and Spanish.

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