Two Pennysaver Bags Containing Ray Johnson Art and Ephemera
  • artists' book
  • offset-printed
  • black-and-white & color
  • 42.2 x 13.8 cm. (each Pennysaver bag)
  • edition size unknown
  • unsigned and unnumbered

Two Pennysaver Bags Containing Ray Johnson Art and Ephemera

Ray Johnson

Two Pennysaver Bags Containing Ray Johnson Art and Ephemera


Two Pennysaver bags containing a plethora of Ray Johnson material. The first bag contains three photocopied pages: two pages are copies of a written request by Johnson that correspondence school mail be sent for Shana Alexander to Marta Minujin and to Newsweek as well as an article "The Surprises of the Mail" by Shana Alexander. The second Pennysaver bag contains thirteen pieces of ephemera of various sizes housed in a printed envelope addressed to "Rev Penny M A House" and with a return address of "The Library of Art" Philadelphia. The envelope contains: a double sided announcement card published in conjunction with a Marcel Duchamp show held at Ronald Feldman Gallery, November 24, 1973; a small booklet titled "Post Me Stamp Series" by Pittore Euforico consisting of ten staple bound artists' stamps; a printed envelope with the address for the "Society for the Investigation of Recurring Events" in New York; a two sided exhibition announcement card for "Ray Johnson's History of Betty Parsons Gallery," held at Betty Parson's Gallery, New York, January 9 - February 3, 1973, stamped on verso with text "MY FUNNY VERLAINETINE," and addressed in black pen to "Penny House" on Park Avenue; a photocopied accordion fold pamphlet featuring collages for The Library of Art Catalog; a small staple bound biography of Eadweard Muybridge; an accordion fold photocopied pamphlet titled "Philadelphia Skyline: 'Instant One-Act Opera'"; an accordion fold photocopied pamphlet titled "'A Moment to Be Seized' An Experience,"; a single sided page of three letter codes "By The Northwest Mounted Valise"; a photocopy of an article on Ray Johnson by Nina Ffrench-Frazier with underlining and notes presumably by Johnson including the line "The humor is, as always, deadpan" underlined in pink color pencil and the name Ruth Ford among a list of portraits Johnson aspired to make underlined with a note "Ruth posed in 1981"; a photocopied collaged page "Now at your bookstore,"; a photocopy of letter whose letters are obscured by overtyping signed in blue pen with a scribble; and a photocopy of clip art type collages that reads "Be An Artistic Supporter, Send $5.00 - no questions asked."

New York, NY: [self-published],
Condition:  Very Good / Fine. Light tearing near edge of Pennysaver bags, contents are clean and unmarked.
[Object # 26040]