Sun & Moon : A Journal of Literature & Art
  • periodical
  • pictorial wrappers
  • offset-printed
  • glue bound
  • black-and-white
  • 21.5 x 13.7 cm.
  • 184 pp.
  • edition size unknown
  • unsigned and unnumbered

Sun & Moon : A Journal of Literature & Art

No. 8 (Fall 1979)

Howard Fox, Douglas Messerli, Bill Berkson, Peter Frank, Jorge Luis Borges, Norman Thomas di Giovanni), Lorenzo Thomas, Frank Stanford, Chuck Rosenberg, Art Lange, Tim Dlugos, Peter Campus, Michael Brownstein, Evelyn Shefne, Robert Longo, Gilbert Sorrentino, Marjorie Welish, Donald Britton, William McPherson, Sam Eisenstein, John Perlman, Larry Eigner, James Wine, Ronald Vance, Cindy Sherman, Dave Morice, Hannah Weiner, Steve Benson, Bob Perelman, Charles Bernstein, Steve McCaffery, Ron Silliman, George Deem, John Taggart, P. Inman

Sun & Moon : A Journal of Literature & Art


Fall 1979 issue of "Sun & Moon" a quarterly of literature and art edited by Howard Fox and Douglas Messerli. Contents include: "Voyage to Jericho" and "Domino," by Bill Berkson; "Sample Textures" and "Air Peel," by Peter Frank; "Ein Traum," by Jorge Luis Borges (translated by Norman Thomas di Giovanni); "Finders, Losers: Frank Stanford's Song of the South," by Lorenzo Thomas; "The Angel of Death" and "Freedom, Revolt, and Love," by. Frank Stanford; "Louisiana Hayride Appearance," by Chuck Rosenberg; "Poem," by Art Lange; "In London," by Tim Dlugos; "Five Photographs," by Peter Campus; "from 'Oracle Night,' A Love Poem," by Michael Brownstein; "Corny and Becca," by Evelyn Shefner; "A Day in the Life of Scrooge McDuck," by Tom Veitch; "from 'The First Celestial Adventure of Mr. Aspirin," by Tristan Tzara (translated by N.S. Thompson); "It is My Duty (II)," "An Opinion for a Card," and "Hello Neil and Buzz from Omaha," by John Herbert; "Gandhi," by Patrick Saari; "Desire for Pathos: The Art of Robert Longo," by Howard N. Fox; "Drawings," by Robert Longo; "Twelve Etudes for Voice and Kazoo," by Gilbert Sorrentino; "October Screen" and "Foyer," by Marjorie Welish; "Plusieurs Jours" and "Capital Life," by Donald Britton; "Music Lesson" and "October 6, 1977," by William McPherson; "The Weight Goes on the Downhill Ski," by Sam Eisenstein; "North Lake" and "Brian McInerney's High School Photo," by John Perlman; "Untitled," by Larry Eigner; "from 'Vastansjo,'" by James Wine; "Speed Reading," by Ronald Vance; "Recent Pictures," by Cindy Sherman; "Super Superb Super Superb" and "Double Triple Quadruple / Quintuple Sextuple Septuple / Octuple," by Dave Morice; "Little Books: Indians," by Hannah Weiner; "(substituted for) Comments on Ron's Circular," by Steve Benson; "At It," "Photo Finish," and "Socialist Realism," by Bob Perelman; "3 Fifths Equal," by Charles Bernstein, Steve McCaffery and Ron Silliman; "AANABABCAC," by George Deem; "How To Do Things with Words," by John Taggart; "Andrews Text(s)," by Steve McCaffery; "from 'Platin,;" by P. Inman; and Notes on Contributors. Cover: Robert Longo.

College Park, MD: Sun & Moon,
Condition:  Very Good. Dusting and rubbing of covers and yellowing of spine. 1.8 cm. crease to bottom left corner of verso, with light bumping of bottom right corner of contents. Contents clean and unmarked.
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