• multiple
  • boxed edition
  • offset-printed
  • color
  • 32 x 32 cm. [boxed]
  • 5 elements : single-sided folded poster ; 12 inch single sided LP vinyl record ; colophon sheet ; 1990 RecRec Music catalogue ; 2 part box
  • edition size 1000
  • unsigned and unnumbered


Christian Marclay



"From June 4th though July 16th 1989 the floor of one of the Shedhalle galleries, Zurich, was covered with 3500 copies of a record titled 'Footsteps.' During the six weeks of the installation, people were invited to walk on the records -- willing or not, they had to step on them to reach the adjacent galleries where other sculptures were exhibited. The one-sided record, containing the sounds of footsteps, was recorded in December 1988 in the deserted hallways of The Clocktower (N.Y.), and in the studios of Harmonic Ranch (N.Y.), where Keiko Uenishi's tap dancing was mixed in. During the gallery installation the work could be looked at, stepped on and walked through, but the recording was never heard, its content merely suggested by its title. Over the course of six weeks, more than 1500 visitors walked over the fragile floor, contributing to the final composition by altering the records' surface with dirt and scratches. At the end of the exhibition, the records, which were attached to the floor with double-sided tape, were removed. The record enclosed in this package is one of them. When played, the footmark scratches and recorded footsteps blend in a final aleatory composition of rhythmic patters, with as many variations as there are records. One thousand of these records have been made available... Dedicated to the memory of Fred Astaire." -- from mulitple's colophon.

Zurich, Switzerland: RecRec,
Condition:  Very Good. Crease across the length of the colophon with 11 cm. of scattered soiling of page with rubbing. Corners of folded poster are slightly curved. Record is soiled and scuffed with two patches of tape attached to the verso of the LP as issued (see description). Rubbing of box. Does not include 1990 RecRec Music catalogue. Due to size of this publication additional shipping charges may be required for this title.
[Object # 36746]