• multiple
  • boxed edition
  • offset-printed
  • monochrome
  • 46.4 x 28 x 11.4 cm.
  • edition size unlimited
  • signed and unnumbered

A Birthday Party for Everything

Barbara Bloom

A Birthday Party for Everything


BARBARA BLOOM's “A Birthday Party for Everything," includes the essential ingredients for a picture perfect party in a convenient carrying case. No occasion would be complete without party hats and horns, plates, cups, napkins and favors including puzzles, frisbees, wooden tops, yo-yos, kaleidoscopes, pinwheels, fans, bubbles, candy and balloons. The artist makes this party her own and ours by festooning each surface with images ranging from the sub-atomic to the universal, from molecular structures to bodily systems to street maps to cityscapes to world views to the moon. “A Birthday Party for Everything” is quite simply a celebration of life.

New York, NY: I.C. Editions,
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