Le Mouvement Phases : Revues, Livres, Affiches, Documents
  • exhibition catalogue
  • pictorial wrappers
  • offset-printed
  • glue bound
  • black-and-white
  • 27 x 21 cm.
  • 92 pp.
  • edition size unknown
  • unsigned and unnumbered

Le Mouvement Phases : Revues, Livres, Affiches, Documents

Edouard Jaguer

Le Mouvement Phases : Revues, Livres, Affiches, Documents


Exhibition catalogue published in conjunction with show held at Galerie des Ponchettes September 8 - November 11, 1972. Exhibition showcases the periodical "Phases" published from 1953 - 1972. Artists include Tajiri-Alechinsky, Paul Jenkins, K. O. Gotz, Asger Jorn, Carl Buchheister, Camille Bryen, Francisco Nieva, Emilio Scanavino, Jerzy Kujawski, Claude Georges, Yasse Tabuchi, Jean-Pierre Duprey, Enrico Baj, François Arnal, Jack Clemente, Heinz Kreutz, Juan-Carlos Langlois, Carl-Frederick Reuterswärd, Jacques Lacomblez, Gianni Bertini, Marie Carlier, Bernard Schultze, Anton Rooskens, Andre Poujet, Jacques Lacomblez, Marta Peluffo, Öyvind Fahlström, Jacques Zimmerman, Hans Meyer-Petersen, Suzanne Rodillon, Jerzy Tchorzewski, Jean-Pierre Vielfaure, Roland Giguerre, Marie Carlier, Alberto Gironella, Konrad Klapheck, Paul Revel, Guido Biasi, Henri Ginet, Elna Riegels, Karl Otto Götz, Wilhlem Freddie, J. G. Posada, Andrzej Meissner, Jacques Matton, E. F. Granell, Urbain Herregodts, Remo Martini, E. L. T. Mesens, Camiel van Breedam, Tadeusz Brzozowski, Ladislav Novak, Yo Yoshitome, Irena Dedicova, Flavio Shiro, Umberto Mariani, Suzanne Besson, Antoni Zydron, Bernard Jund, Roger Frezin, Gerard Vulliamy, Pierre Bourgeade, Henri Maccheroni, Pierre Bassard, Max Ernst, Yves Tanguy, Jef Golyscheff, Wilfredo Lam, Corneille. Preface by Edouard Jaguer. Includes catalogue of artwork included in each issue, accompanied by black-and-white photographs. Texts in French.

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