Wall Works : Wall Installations in Editions 1992 - 93
  • exhibition catalogue
  • wrappers with dust jacket
  • offset-printed
  • sewn bound
  • color
  • 27 x 24 cm.
  • 104 pp.
  • edition size unknown
  • unsigned and unnumbered
  • ISBN 392162942

Wall Works : Wall Installations in Editions 1992 - 93

Jörg Schellman

Wall Works : Wall Installations in Editions 1992 - 93


Exhibition catalogue published in conjunction with show held in 1993. The 'Wall Works' presented here defy the traditional limitations of the edition -- size, production method, and conceptual simplification -- in order to retain the conceptual power and skill of unique works while producing multiple versions (designated in the introduction with the term 'multique') in various locations. In an essay entitled "Design and Execution," Jörg Schellman writes : "With the Wall Works project we are particularly interested in the making of works which relate flexibly to a given architectural setting, in accordance with the artist's designs and concepts. Our suggestion to a number of artists to produce a work in edition to be executed in walls in different sites was received with great interest. The resulting works to be executed according to the artist's designs in editions of ten to twenty, can best be described as multique works. A good number of them will vary in form, reacting to the species of the site. In addition, several works will be executed in more than one color scheme or configurration regardless of site." Artists include Richard Artschwager, Shusaku Arakawa, Daniel Buren, Dan Flavin, Günther Förg, Gilbert & George, Thomas Grünfeld, Peter Halley, Damien Hirst, Donald Judd, Joseph Kosuth, Imi Knoebel, Jannis Kounellis, Sol LeWitt, Gerhard Merz, Giuolio Paolini, Ulrich Rüchriem, Reiner Ruthenbeck, Cindy Sherman, and Haim Steinbach. Full page photographs of works exhibited. Text in German and English.

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