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No. 8

Tod Lippy, Neil Goldberg, Steve Weyl, Headlong Dance Theater, Stuart Nadler, Penelope, Michelle Elligott, Dawn Clements, Neil Greenberger, Fritz Swanson, Allen Ruppersberg, Paul VanDeCarr, Ruben Green, Wendy Iraheta, Angus Trumble



Edited by Tod Lippy. Essays "Found Object: Collective Struggles: A letter discovered in 1975 in a hiding space beneath a cottage in Palo Alto, CA," contributed by Steve Weyl; "Singular Network: A dance company documents the creation of Cell, a piece crafted for one audience member at a time," by Headlong Dance Theater; "New Voices: "Carter and the Kid": Fourth in our series of fiction by emerging authors," by Stuart Nadler; "Paintings for Cash: The Confessions of a Marketable Artist: An anonymous dispatch from a parallel art universe," by "Penelope"; "Modern Artifact 2: "Dear Miss Miller...": The second in a series presented in partnership with MoMA's archives featuring correspondence between two art legends," introduction by Michelle Elligott; "This is Neil Greenberg. Neil Draws Maps.: A Detroit resident charts entire cities from his imagination-we offer a sampling of his "eight-and-a-half-by-elevens," introduction and interview by Fritz Swanson; "Guarded Opinions 2: Commentary on works by Moreau and Degas grace this latest installment of our series on museum guards and the art they observe," introduction by Paul VanDeCarr; commentary by Ruben Green and Wendy Iraheta; "Esopus CD #8." Songs "Flare Gun," by Final Fantasy; "Agents of the Corps," by The Submarines; "Call of the Wily," by Greg Tate's Garage Band; "For Me To Stay," by Frida Hyvönen; "Walk Around the Lake," by Lost in the Trees; "The Secret Rite of Tantalizaiton," by The Family Doctor; "My Rumania," by Harmony and Pollution; "Graduation Day," by Dylan in the Movies; "Imperfections," by The Moral Loopholes; "Sunday on Prozac," by Needle.

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