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  • 29 x 23 cm.
  • 116 pp.
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  • ISBN 9780976164142


No. 7

Tod Lippy, Gareth Jones, Alex Brown, Vivien Shotwell, Dennis Lim, Kira Lynn Harris, Michelle Elligott, Günter Umberg, Paul VanDeCarr, Niko Fruechting, Alex Katz, Vincent Katz, David Greenberger, Angus Trumble, Frank Benson, Mitch Horowitz



Edited by Tod Lippy. Essays "Doing Battle: A 13-year-old takes on the subject of war in a series of mesmerizing drawings," drawings by Alex Brown; "New Voices: "Methods of Rest" : Third in our series of fiction by emerging authors," fiction by Vivien Shotwell; "100 Frames: Apichatpong Weerasethakul's Tropical Malady: A sequence of stills from the Thai director's acclaimed 2004 feature film," introduction by Dennis Lim; "Modern Artifacts #1: "Charting Modernism" -a selection of Alfred H. Barr, Jr.'s papers-inaugurates a series presented in partnership with MoMA's archives," introduction by Michelle Elligott; "Guarded Opinions: Günther Umberg's Untitled (1989): The work by the German minimalist is the first subject of our series of museum guards' critical perspectives on the art they observe," introduction by Paul VanDeCarr; Commentary by Niko Fruechting; "Tiny Book of Smokes: Snapshots of a different sort from the creator of Duplex Planet," contributed by Davis Greenberger; "Spellbound: How the American anomoly of Ouija has impacted national life-and art-over the past century," by Mitch Horowitz; "Esopus CD #7: Ouija." Songs "In the Backyards," by The Rosebuds; "The Sho," by Patrick Cleandenim; "We Are Coming Back to Dance with You," by The Focus Group; "Ferris," by Danielle Stech-Homsy; "Ouija," by Tom Krueger; "HA," by Excepter; "Bounce," by Asobi Seksu; "Spelt Out," by Saturday Looks Good to Me; "WeAretheMagic," by TheSwimmingPools; "New Hands," by Carolyn "Honeychild" Coleman; "With Fine Precision the Plants Descend," by Greg Weeks; "Mimic," by The Earlies; "Hello Goodbye," by El Perro del Mar.

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