• editioned print
  • screenprint
  • black-and-white
  • 16 sheets [from portfolio of 21 sheets]
  • edition size unknown
  • unsigned and unnumbered

Sonntagsbilder [Sunday Images] [aka : Sonntagsmotive [Sunday Pictures]]

Hans-Peter Feldmann


Series of mixed sized posters by Hans-Peter Feldmann. "What interests Feldmann about collecting are, on the one hand, the fictions and dreams that we weave around it and on the other hand - and this interest permeates all of his work - the relationship and the tension between the equal and the different, present in his collecting and also in his series of images. There is another aspect of collecting which adapts itself well to Feldmann's way of making art, and that is because it is not to do with creating objects but rather finding them and showing them. The simplicity of procedure is a feature of Feldmann's way of understanding and making art, which generally limits itself to pointing out, whether simply showing, changing the context of the images, applying or removing colour, etc. This is what he started doing again with the 21 posters which later were called 'Sonntagsbilder' (Sunday Images), another collection. The posters show typical Seventies images, a couple holding hands in front of a sunset, a kitten, an impressive waterfall, etc. The posters are still seductive, though Feldmann screen printed them in black-and-white, removing all colour, making them more abstract. These posters reveal a compilation of categories - romantic, tender, sublime, etc. - in popular culture." -- from Hans-Peter Feldmann, "272 Pages." This set includes following elements: [Girl holding dog], 86.5 cm x 61.5 cm; [Man and woman shadow], 86.5 cm x 61.5; [Kitten], 86.5 cm x 61.5 cm; [Ballet dancer], 86.5 cm x 61.5 cm; [Beach scene], 61.5 cm x 86.5 cm; [Swan on water], 43.5 cm x 31 cm; [Mountain scene], 33 cm x 27.5 cm; [Eagle taking off in flight], 27.5 cm x 33 cm; [Tree in from of sun / moon], 31 cm x 43.5 cm; [Motorcyclist with nude woman], 62 cm x 45 cm; [River], 62 cm x 45 cm; [Neuschwanstein castle], 45 cm x 62 cm; [Woman and man on beach], 62 cm x 42 cm; [Landscape with church], 43 cm x 57.5 cm; [Doves in flight with branch], 43 cm x 62 cm; [Colt and mare], 44 cm x 62 cm.


"Hans-Peter Feldmann : Das Museum im Kopf" by Hans-Peter Feldmann, Werner Lippert, Kasper König, Ulrich Wilmes, Jiri Svestka. Köln, Germany : Verlag der Buchandlung Walther König, 1989, pp. 104.
Düsseldorf, Germany: Hans-Peter Feldmann,
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