The Poetics : Critical Inquiry in Green
  • audio CD
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  • 12.5 x 14 cm.
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The Poetics : Critical Inquiry in Green

Art Byington, Mike Kelley, Dave Muller, Tony Oursler, Steven Vitiello, Bill Wintersole, Zoe Pettijohn, Cathy, Princess, Bad News, Linda Post

The Poetics : Critical Inquiry in Green


Audio CD by The Poetics (Mike Kelley and Tony Oursler). Tape mixes by Mike Kelley, Tony Oursler, and Dave Muller. Produced by Kelley and Oursler. Art Byington: guitar, bass, samples; Mike Kelley: vocals, drums, percussion, electronics; Dave Muller: bass, horns, samples, backing vocals; Tony Oursler: vocals, keyboards, electronics, guitar, bass; Steven Vitiello: guitar; Bill Wintersole: guitar; Zoe Pettijohn: vocals; Cathy: vocals; Princess: vocals; Bad News: vocals; and Linda Post: vocals. Tracks include: 1. The Poetics - Initial Inquiry 2. Let's Play 3. Factor A 4. Balls 5. Flower Flower Flower 6. Save Me 7. Pedestrian Bliss 8. Pre-Universal 9. Cool Off 10. A Pecker and a Bush 11. Relax 12. Critical Inquiry 13. Gods Music 14. Green 15. Dirge 16. Nothing From Nothing 17. The Concert at Ardmore 18. Another Drone 19. Of Winged Bird. "Mike Kelley and Tony Oursler reunited in 1997 to make this recording coinciding with the opening of the Poetics Project installation at Documenta X. All new material; 19 tracks. Dreary background music for the era of the personal computer. Featured musicians include, Art Byington, Dave Muller, and Steven Vitiello." --Mike Kelley Foundation.

Condition:  Fine. In publisher's shrink wrap.
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