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No. 12 : Black & White

Tod Lippy, Rick Holen, Joe Mauro, John Nutt, Bob Sevra, Michael Iskowitz, Mark Melnicove, Bern Porter, James Pyman, Charles Burnett, Armond White, Stanley Greenberg, Peter Galison, Fiona Banner, Michelle Elligott



Edited by Tod Lippy. Essays "Off-Off-Broadway: Four Vietnam veterans recount their experience of touring the war's front lines with a 1969 production of The Fantasticks," by Rick Holen, Joe Mauro, John Nutt, and Bob Sevra; "Bern Porter: A Found Essay: A composite portrait of the late artist, philosopher, poet, and scientist," by Mark Melnicove; "Where to go / What to do / When in New York / Week of June 17, 1972: Long before there were mashups, there was Bern Porter: a fascimile edition of the underground legend's 1974 artist's book," by Bern Porter; "100 Frames: Killer of Sheep (1977): Stills from director Charles Burnett's first feature, recently inducted into the Library of Congress's National Film Registry," introduction by Armond White; "Chamber Pieces: Striking images of-and from-an obsolete tool of 20th-century physics," by Peter Galison; "Modern Artifacts: States of Grace: This latest offering from the MoMA Archives features materials relating to the late painter Grace Hartigan," by Michelle Elligott; "Esopus CD #12: Black and White." Songs "Blue Eyes in Black and White," by Sand Pebbles; "The Ballad of Blaze Tracy," by The Caledonia Mission; "Eìne Symphonie des Grauens," by Me Succeeds; "The Saddest Music in the World," by Two Dark Birds; "Ciao Manhattan (First Draft)," by Miles Benjamin and Anthony Robinson; "Vance," by Sam Amidon; "El Verdugo," by DJ/rupture; "Scout Meets Boo," by Lisa Cerbone; "I'd Like to Go Swimming," by The Ruby Suns; "Darker Numbers," by Nat Baldwin; "Repulsion," by Nina Nastasia.

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