• periodical
  • pictorial wrappers
  • offset-printed
  • sewn bound
  • other special feature[s]
  • black-and-white & color
  • 29 x 23 cm.
  • 116 pp.
  • edition size unknown
  • unsigned and unnumbered
  • ISBN 0976164108


No. 3 (Fall 2004)

Tod Lippy, Doug Aitken, The Baptist Generals, Bruce Conner, Sloane Crosley, Andrea Dezso, El May, Jad Fair, Stephen Adly Guirgis, Jenny Holzer, Baldev Kaur, Mark Keffer, Marvin Lazarus, Graham Leggat, Alan Licht, Connie MacNamee, Scott McCloud, John Mclick, David Naugle, Alex Shear, Sonic Boom, Delia Derbyshire, Angus Trumble, Western Keys, Brooke Williams, The Wrens



Edited by Tod Lippy. Essays "Artist's Project: Mark Keffer: Form and function merge in a series of altered maps (Throughout the issue)," by Mark Keffer; "Mumushka: A child's memories of her beloved grandmother, refracted through the prism of a rich imagination," written and illustrated by Andrea Dezso; "Known By Sight: Marvin Lazarus, Photographer: Compelling portraits-in words and images-of prominent artists by a nearly forgotten figure," photographs and journal excerpts by Marvin Lazarus; "Homemade: An Interview with the Wrens: The band's album The Meadowlands is a masterpiece; here, they discuss its making (and their near undoing)," by Tod Lippy; "Alex Shear's Object Lesson #3: (Poster)," by unattributed artists; "Tricks of the Trade: Recovered from a Santa Monica yard sale, this issue's found object is an entertainer's gag book from 1957," by Michael Rohatyn; "Artist's Project: Jenny Holzer: These recently declassified "Memoranda," selected by the artist, must see the light of day," by unattributed artists; "The Sissy Letters (#2): Second in a continuing series of monologues written for Esopus," by Stephen Adly Guirgis; "100 Frames: Bruce Conner's Breakaway: An ethereal sequence from the San Francisco artist's classic experimental film from 1966," by Doug Aitken; "Means Without End: We asked your publicists to devise PR strategies for Esopus; we've published the results," by Sloane Crosley, John Melick, Baldev Kaur, and Graham Leggat; "Angus Trumble's 1849 in Retrospect: One year. One page, (A regular feature)," by unattributed artists; "Esopus CD #3: Product Displacement: Ten Musicians "embed" ad jingles or slogans in original songs." Songs "Map," by Scott McCloud; "Order in the Nothingness," by El May; "Only the Loveliest," by Sonic Boom & Delia Derbyshire; "B-Flat Blues," by Connie MacNamee; "Love and Laughter," by Jad Fair; "The Right Thing," by David Naugle & Joy Howard; "Raw from Self-Destruction..." by The Baptist Generals; "Don't Leave Home," by The New Black; "When You Return," by Western Keys; "The Whole Thing," by Alan Licht.

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New York, NY: Esopus,
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