Grey Room
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  • 24.4 x 17.1 cm.
  • 104 pp.
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  • ISBN 0262755068

Grey Room

No. 17

Alexander Galloway, Eugene Thacker, Christopher Kelty, Hannah Landecker, Helene Furján, James Meyer, Dan Graham, Eric de Bruyn, Bernard Tschumi, Enrique Walker, Branden W. Joseph, Reinhold Martin, Felicity D. Scott

Grey Room


Fall 2004 issue edited by Branden W. Joseph, Reinhold Martin, and Felicity D. Scott. Includes the following texts: Alexander Galloway and Eugene Thacker, "Protocol, Control, and Networks" ; Christopher Kelty and Hannah Landecker, "A Theory of Animation : Cells, L-Systems, and Film" ; Helene Furján, "Scenes from a Museum" ; James Meyer, "The Strong and the Weak : Andrea Fraser and the Conceptual Legacy" ; Dan Graham in conversation with Eric de Bruyn, "Sound is Material" ; and Bernard Tschumi in conversation with Enrique Walker, "Avant-Propos."

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New York / Cambridge, New York / Massachusetts: Grey Room, Inc. / MIT Press,
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