BOMB Magazine : Painters & Writers
  • periodical
  • pictorial wrappers
  • offset-printed
  • staple bound
  • black-and-white
  • 38 x 27.3 cm.
  • 72 pp.
  • edition size unknown
  • unsigned and unnumbered

BOMB Magazine : Painters & Writers

No. 4

Betsy Sussler, Richard Beckett, Stephen Mueller, Christoff Kohlhofer, Michael McClard, Paul Bowles, David Seidner, William Wegman, Mary Heilmann, Ellen Phelan, Richard Armstrong, Robin Bruch, Bobbie Oliver, Robert Hudson, Michael Alfie, Dru Kim, Burt Barr, Cy Twombly, Barry Yourgrau, David Deutsch, Alf Young, Michael Kozolowski, Ellsworth Kelly, Kit Grover, Robert Mangold, David Salle, Billy Sullivan, Lois Lane, Joseph Kosuth, Peter Schjeldahl, Luc Sante, Ross Bleckner, Fred Brathwaite, Oliver Mosset, Jane Warrick, Pat Steir, Glenn O'Brien, Lucio Pozzi, Elizabeth Murray, Dondi White, David Shapiro, Richard Nonas, Edward Swift, Mark Magill, Susan Rothenberg, Georgia Marsh, Craig Gholson, Nancy Spero, Terense Sellers, David Storey, Joe Zucker, Simon Lane, Harriet Korman, Martha Diamond, Walter Steding, Jack Barth, Kathy Acker, James Brown, Kevin Larmon, Ginger Levante, Shelley Kaplan, Betsy Berne, Jessica Lenard, Jane Dickson, Carl Apfelschnitt, Adolf Benca, David Kapp, John Ford, Gary Indiana, Jonathan Lasker, Francesco Clemente, Tom Butter, Kiely jenkins, Keith Haring, Julian Schnabel, Lynn Tilmann, Carolee Schneemann, Mindy Stevenson, Lauren Hancher, Power Boothe, Brett DiPalma, Louise Fishman, John Egner, Gin Taylor, John Torreano, Linda Lawton, Duncan Hannah, Simon Lane, Liza Bear, Dea Ex Machinus, Ellen Cooper, Richard Elovich, Liz Cash, Bobby G., Cookie Mueller, Walter Robinson, Rosie Moore, Lan Payne, Cara Perlman, Jean-Michel Basquiat, Louisa Chase, Lizbeth Marano, Jan Hashey, Elizabeth Pardi, Jenny Snider, Guy Goodwin, Mitch Fox, Gober, Huntley, Winters, Drier, Alzamora, Mathew Fleury

BOMB Magazine : Painters & Writers


Edited by Betsy Sussler. Essays "Constance DeJong, I.T.I.L.O.E.," by Richard Beckett, "Michael McClard, The Naked Eye," by Betsy Sussler; "Interview," by Paul Bowles; "Un Tour d'Hoizon," by Richard Armstrong; "The White Shirt," by Burt Barr; "Evening," by Barry Yourgrau; "Harry at Work, A Scenes from Harry's Story," by Michael Alfie; "My First Poem," by Peter Scheldahl; "Summer 1980," by Luc Sante; "Clinton Street," by Fred Brathwaite and Olivier Mosset; "Some Photographs and Brain," by Jane Warrick; "Is It Hemingway or Is It Memorex," by Glenn O'Brien; "The Shoestore in Caborca...," by Richard Nonas; "Principia Martindale," by Edward Swift; "Now Here Nowhere," by Craig Gholson; "The Hour of the Fey," by Ternse Sellers; "The Concertina Earring," by Simon Lane; "D.S. Part of Desire," by Kathy Acker; "Pillow Talk, from The Family Dog," by Gary Indiana; "Words Without Images," by Lynn Tilmann; "Entrapment," by Liza Bear; "Nervous and Jumping Joseph," by Richard Elovich; "Baltimore 1969," by Cookie Mueller; "Grey Pants," by Rosie Moore; "Donkey Works," by Matthew Fleury.


"Artists' Magazines : An Alternative Space for Art" by Gwen Allen. Cambridge / London, MA / United Kingdom : The MIT Press, 2011, pp. 248.
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