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No. 15 (Fall 2010) : Television

Tod Lippy, Norman Lear, Claire Barliant, Johan Grimonprez, Liza Kudrow, Michael Patrick King, Larry Auerbach, Jean Passanante, Alex Bag, Mame McCutchin, Dara Birnbaum, Rainer Werner Fassbinder, Michelle Elligott, Angus Trumble, Stephin Merritt, The Third Wheel Band, One Ring Zero, Ryland Bouchard, Cloud Nothings, Andrew Cedermark, Festival, Autre Ne Veut, David Thomas Broughton, Laurie Schwartz



Edited by Tod Lippy. Essays "Episode 124: The Makings of a Meltdown: Documenting the mechanics behind an unforgettable scene from the groundbreaking TV series Mary Hartman, Mary Hartman," by Claire Barliant; "Not it Anymore: Lisa Kudrow and Michael Patrick King on The Comeback: The cocreators of the acclaimed 2005 HBO series discuss its conception, production, and untimely demise," by unattributed artists; "The Lifer: Renowned soap-opera director Larry Auerbach shares memories of his nearly 50 years in the trenches of daytime drama," by unattributed artists; "The End of the World As We Know It: The co-head writer for recently canceled soap As the World Turns bids it good-bye, and shares a fascinating object from its production," by Jean Passanante; "Seat of Comedy: An appreciation of the fundamental role played by the family sofa in the American sitcom (includes removable poster)," by Mame McCutchin; "100 Frames: Rainer Werner Fassbinder's World on a Wire: A series of stills from a stunning, nearly forgotten film made for German television in 1973 by the legendary director," by J. Hoberman; "Modern Artifacts: The Art of Broadcasting: The Latest installment in a series presented with the MoMA Archives explores one facet of the Museum's long relationship with television," by Michelle Elligott; "Esopus Invitational: "What Would You Like to See on Television?": We asked the question of writers, artists, musicians, filmmakers, and other creative thinkers-and we're asking readers, too," by unattributed artists; "Angus Trumble's 1966 in Retrospect: One year. One page. (14th in a series)," by Angus Trumbl; "Esopus CD #15: Television." Songs "New Theme from Meerkat Manor," by Stephin Merritt; "Tell You Twice," by The Third Wheel Band; "Busted, Plausable, or Confirmed (The Mythbusters Song)," by One Ring Zero; "Hope Ride Alone," by Ryland Bouchard; "I Apologize," by Cloud Nothings; "Still Life with Sour Mash," by Andrew Cedermark; "Today's Adventure!," by Festival; "Live for the Baby," by Autre Ne Veut; "Age of Giving," by David Thomas Broughton; "There Was Also the Fact that He Was Shaped Life the Moon," by Laurie Schwartz.

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