Heresies : A Feminist Publication on Art & Politics / The Great Goddess
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Heresies : A Feminist Publication on Art & Politics / The Great Goddess

(Issue No. 5)

Merlin Stone, Carol P. Christ, Toni Head, Kay Turner, Lucy Lippard, Mimi Lobell, Grace Shinell, Mierle Laderman Ukeles, Jaci Schact, Joan L. Sharp, Rachel Levin, Donna Henes, Buffie Johnson, Tracy Boyd, Chellis Glendinning, Gloria Feman Orenstein, Sidele C. Scot, Judith Todd, Mary Beth Edelson, Martha Alsup, Carolee Thea, Rosemary J. Dudley, Deborah Haynes, Daniela Gioseffi, Merlin Stone, Paula Mariedaughter, Anne Healy, Nancy Azara, Linda Peer, Louise Bourgeois, Jonnye Smith, Angels Ribe, Jere Von Syoc, Carey Marvin, Janet Culbertson, Hanna Kay, Frances Alenikoff, Gila Yelin Hirsch, Friederike Pezold, Mei Mei Sanford, Joan Jonas, Muriel Castanis, Susanne Wenger, Su Friedrich, Alida Walsh, Hannah Wilke, Joan Jonas, Audrey Flack, Deborah Freedman, Anne Healy, Carolee Schneemann, Sappho, Charoula, Alla Bozarth Campbell, P.M. Pederson, Martha Courtot, Kay Turner, Linda Ann Hoag, Monica Raymond, A.M, Janet R. Price, Judith Treewoman, Hilda Morley, Holly Cara, Barbara Starrett, Jaci, Mary Albanese, Rosemary Dudley, Gail Feinstein, Gina Foglia, Diane Levin, Susan Turner

Heresies : A Feminist Publication on Art & Politics / The Great Goddess


A quarterly feminist publication on art and politics. Issued edited by the Great Goddess Collective Members: Martha Alsup, Tracy Boyd, Janet Culbertson, Mary Beth Edelson, Deborah Freedman, Donna Henes, Anne Healy, Buffie Johnson, Grace Shinell, Merlin Stone, Carolee Thea, Mierle Laderman Ukeles, Mary Albanese, Rosemary Dudley, Gail Feinstein, Gina Foglia, Diane Levin, and Susan Turner. "The Three Faces of Goddess Spirituality," by Merlin Stone; "Why Women Need the Goddess," by Carol P. Christ; "Changing the Hymns to Hers," by Toni Head; "Contemporary Feminist Rituals," by Kay Turner; "Stonesprings," Prose and photos by Lucy Lippard; "Temples of the Great Goddess," by Mimi Lobell; "Woman's Primacy in the Coming Reformation," by Grace Shinell; "Mikva Dreams - A Performance," by Mierle Laderman Ukeles; "Our Mother Who Art in Heaven," by Jaci Schact; "The Goddess in Islam," by Joan L. Sharp; "Feminism in Judaism," by Rachel Levin; "Panic in the World of Art," by A.M.; "Ritual Writings," by Donna Henes; "The Eternal Weaver," by Buffie Johnson and Tracy Boyd; "Dreams," collected by Chellis Glendinning; "Reemergence of the Archetype of the Great Goddess in Art by Contemporary Women," by Gloria Feman Orenstein; "Heroica, An Archetypal Image Rising," by Sidele C. Scot; "Opposing the Rape of Mother Earth," by Judith Todd; "Pilgrimage/See for Yourself: A Journey to a Neolithic Goddess Cave, 1977," by Mary Beth Edelson; "Finding the Goddess: Finding Myself," by Martha Alsup; "Masks, Power and Sisterhood in an African Society," by Carolee Thea; "She Who Bleeds, Yet Does not Die," by Rosemary J. Dudley; "Body Imeratives," by Deborah Haynes; "Belly Dance or Birth Dance," by Daniela Gioseffi; "9978: Repairing the Time Warp and Other Related Realities," by Merlin Stone; "Glossary"; "A Random Thought"; by Paula Mariedaughter; "Bibliography." Visuals "White Goddess," by Anne Healy; "About the Goddess Kali," by Nancy Azara; "Small Goddesses," by Linda Peer; "Frail Goddess," by Louise Bourgeois; "Hather, the Horned One," by Jonnye Smith; "Stork-Woman," by Angels Ribe; "My House," by Jere Von Syoc; "Relic Manuscript Blood Entries and Relic," by Carey Marvin; "Exile III," by Janet Culbertson; "Root Hold," by Hanna Kay; "Trine," by Frances Alenikoff; "Reconciliation," by Gila Yelin Hirsch; "Triangles and Gingko," by Friederike Pezold; "She Was Carved on the Night of a Hurricane and a Fool Moon," by Mei Mei Sanford; "Hills," by Joan Jonas; "Early Impressions," by Muriel Castanis; "Oshun, Yoruba Fertility Goddess," by Susanne Wenger (Photos and text by Su Friedrich); "Earth Mother Goddess," by Alida Walsh; "Stills from Super T-Art," by Hannah Wilke; "Mirror Piece," by Joan Jonas; "Marilyn Monroe," by Audrey Flack; "Transformations," by Deborah Freedman; "Hecate," by Anne Healy; "Interior Scroll," by Carolee Schneemann. Poems "Poem," by Sappho (Translated by Charoula); "Mother With the moon in Your Mouth," by Alla Bozarth Campbell; "Non Sumus Qualis Erasmus," by P.M. Pederson; "Poems," by Martha Courtot; "Song of Black Feather, Song of White Feather," by Kay Turner; "Poems," by Linda Ann Hoag; "Mersouri Makes Lub to Ther Queed ob Spades," by Monica Raymond; "Poems," by A.M.; "Liturgy Circa 1976," by Janet R. Price; "In the Making," by Judith Treewoman; "Incantation to the Moon," by Hilda Morley; "Poem," by Holly Cara; "Vanishing Point and Tactical Advice," by Barbara Starrett; "The Snail," by Jaci.


"Artists' Magazines : An Alternative Space for Art" by Gwen Allen. Cambridge / London, MA / United Kingdom : The MIT Press, 2011, pp. 264.
New York, NY: Heresies,
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