New Observations : Fertility Double Issue
  • periodical
  • pictorial wrappers
  • offset-printed
  • staple bound
  • black-and-white & color
  • 27.3 x 21.1 cm.
  • 64 pp.
  • edition size unknown
  • unsigned and numbered

New Observations : Fertility Double Issue

No. 119 (Summer/Fall 1998)

Erika Knerr, Suzanne McClelland, Sarah Schwartz, Abraham David Christian, Richard Milazzo, Colette, Jessica Higgins, Joslin Stevens, John Roloff, Berta Sichel, Elena Del Rivero, Teresa Serrano, Vulto, Christina Svane, Elena Berriolo, Eva Mantell, Senga Nengudi, Faith Wilding, Reynolds, Sandro Chia, Barbara Stork, Shelley Marlow, Chris Hammerlein, John Hatfield, Lars Chellberg, Mary Judge, Ann Messner, Elana Herzog, Peggy Cyphers, Les Ayre, Thomas McEvilley, Fabian Cereijido

New Observations : Fertility Double Issue


Issue number 114 of New Observations: "The Magazine that Lets the Artists Speak for Themselves." Guest edited by Erika Knerr. Essays "Fertility and the Growth of Consciousness or an Atmosphere Surrounding Growth," by Erika Knerr; "Molly," by Suzanne McClelland; "Proverbial, Inc.," by Sarah Schwartz; "Dirt Under the Smallest God's Fingernails," by Abraham David Christian; "Excerpts from the Undifferentiated Truth of Art," by Richard Milazzo; "Conceptual Mother," by Colette; "Braille," by Jessica Higgins; "Peaches," by Joslin Stevens; "Slump (Orchard) II," by John Roloff; "How to Take a Baby Home," by Berta Sichel; "Letter to the Mother," by Elena Del Rivero; "Goddess of Fertility," by Teresa Serrano; "Akhnuchik," by Vulto; "Secondary Notes on Fertility," by Christina Svane; "Easy Chair," by Elena Berriolo; "Ballooning," by Eva Mantell; "Formulating Oz & Studio Performance with RSVP," by Senga Nengudi; "Embryoworld: Metafertility and Resistant Somatics," by Faith Wilding; "Puki Temptress & Ancestral Puki; "by Reynolds; "Post-Apocalypse Experience," by Sandro Chia; "Fertility Requires Shelter," by Barbara Stork; "Excerpt from Swann in Love Again the Lesbian Arabian Nights," by Shelley Marlow; "Drawings," by Chris Hammerlein; "Aphrodisiacs," by John Hatfield; "Nephlia Web #3: Dolores Constructing Egg Sac," by Lars Chellberg; "Fertility: The Moment of Becoming," by Mary Judge; "Amniotic Sea," Ann Messner; "OMI Project," by Elana Herzog; "Travel Notes - Fertility," by Peggy Cyphers; "Fertility Symbol & Walking Women," by Les Ayre; "Fertility: Time to Rotate the Crops?" by Thomas McEvilley; "Abijan Dream Tools," by Erika Knerr; "Fertility 2000," by Fabian Cereijido. Cover: Sarah Schwartz.

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