New Observations : Cultures of Cyberspace
  • periodical
  • pictorial wrappers
  • offset-printed
  • staple bound
  • black-and-white & color
  • 27.3 x 21.1 cm.
  • 35 pp.
  • edition size unknown
  • unsigned and numbered

New Observations : Cultures of Cyberspace

No. 120 (Winter 1999)

Alan Sondheim, Michael W. Spirito, Hokusai, David Smith, Miekal And, Ryan Whyte, Fanny Jacobson, Eve Andrée Laramée, Jerry Everard, John Suler, Barbara Simcoe, Caitlin Martin, Kim McGlynn, Adrianne Wortzel, Tsukioka Yoshitoshi, Radhika Gajjala, Janieta Eyer, addicted2words, S. McKenzie, Emily Cheng, Nick Mamatas, Thomas Zummer, Ted in St. Louis, Jon Marshall, Alexanne Don, Tyler Stallings, Nancy Haynes, Art McGee, Laurie Cubbison, Wenda Gu, Steven Meinking, Drew Shiel, Paula Davidson, Ichi Ikeda, Robert Cheatum, Amy Fletcher, Alice Glenn, Giuseppe Iannicelli

New Observations : Cultures of Cyberspace


Issue number 120 of New Observations: "The Magazine that Lets the Artists Speak for Themselves." Guest edited by Alan Sondheim. Essays "Populating Cyberspace," by Alan Sondheim; "Technocrazy Subsumes Democracy!" by Michael W. Spirito; "Untitled," by Hokusai; "Untitled," by David Smith; "Re: Experimedia Simplexity," by Miekal And; "From Jet-Man to Jet-Body," by Ryan Whyte; "Publicity Stills," by Fanny Jacobson; "Project: List Center for the Arts at MIT," by Eve Andrée Laramée; "Crossing Cultures in Cyberspaces: Navigating Realities Between the 'Real' and the 'Virtual,'" by Jerry Everard; "The Palace," by John Suler; "Crying Girl and Pleading Man," by Barbara Simcoe; "Why MOO?" by Caitlin Martin; "Langue & Swim," by Kim McGlynn; "A Facsimile MOO* Play Capture Based on the Nun's Priest Tale by Geoffrey Chaucer," by Adrianne Wortzel; "Untitled," by Tsukioka Yoshitoshi; "Cyberdiva," by Radhika Gajjala; "Andronyne (Incarnation #26)," by Janieta Eyer; "Alt.Adjective.Noun.Verb.Verb.Verb.Verb." by addicted2words; "MOOspace/DEADspace: Renegades and Settlers," by S. McKenzie; "Continuum," by Emily Cheng; "Consequences of a Naked City," by Nick Mamatas; "The Demons Whose Task is the Torment of Gluttony," by Thomas Zummer; "***Alt. (Defend Your Newsgroup! To Arms! I Call you to Arms!)," by Ted in St. Louis; "Scanning Electron Microscope Photograph," by Alan Sondheim; "Asence," by Jon Marshall; "I Have Forgotten My Identity & Meaning, Text and Context in CMC," by Alexanne Don; "Rolodex, Full," by Tyler Stallings; "Study for Rashomon," by Nancy Haynes; "On Running an Email List," by Caitlin Martin; "Why the Internet is So Popular," Alan Sondheim; "Customized Astronaut Suit," by Tyler Stallings; "Ethnicity and Culture Listings," by Art McGee; "Early Internet Outages," by 1972; "Finding Support Online," by Laurie Cubbison; "United Nations - Temple Heaven," by Wenda Gu; "Cyber Cage," by Steven Meinking; "Winter Online," by Drew Shiel; "Tarragon at the Edge of the Sea," by Paula Davidson; "Arching Ark Project," by Ichi Ikeda; "X-Ray," by Robert Cheatum; "Love in a Space that Doesn't Exist & Lost in Text," by Amy Fletcher; "Untitled," by Alice Glenn; "Internet Houses," by Tyler Stallings; "-Re-Move-," by Giuseppe Iannicelli; "Shells Singing," by Caitlin Martin. Includes contributors biographies. Cover: Nancy Haynes.

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