New Observations : A Memory Palace
  • periodical
  • pictorial wrappers
  • offset-printed
  • staple bound
  • black-and-white & color
  • 27.3 x 21.1 cm.
  • 35 pp.
  • edition size unknown
  • unsigned and numbered

New Observations : A Memory Palace

No. 121 (Spring 1999)

Charlie Citron, Sylvia de Swaan, Bernhard Geyer, Susanne Greven, Daniel Dewaele, Odili Donald Odita, Ann Rosén, Jennie C. Jones, Sandi Slone, David Lillington, Siobhan Davies, Leo, Douglas Allsop, Susanna Harwood Rubin, Caro Bensca, Stefan Bohnenberger, Stephen Berg, Anna Best, Martin Zet, Keiko Sei, David Mills, Jårg Geismar, Milos Vojtêchovsky, Otis Laubert, Thomas Pospiszyl, Filip Turek, Eran Gratvol, Peter Lelliott, Sharif Waked, Naomi Aviv, Tzibi Geva, Judith Fleishman, M.S. Umesh, Edgar Harris, Peter Haffenden, Albertine Viegas, Monitien Boonma, Richard Thomas, Franklin Sirmans, Lorraine O'Grady, Paul Tabak, Binghui Hangfu, Wang Zhiyuan, Toshihiro Yashiro, Denise Carvalho, Miguel Rio Branco, Theo Schepens

New Observations : A Memory Palace


Issue number 121 of New Observations: "The Magazine that Lets the Artists Speak for Themselves." Guest edited by Charlie Citron. Essays "A Global House: From Place to Place," by Charlie Citron; "Star Studded Strangler," by Bernhard Geyer; "You Don't Know Me," by Susanne Greven; "I am You Poster Project," by Daniel Dewaele; "Vogue," by Odili Donald Odita; "News Memory," by Ann Rosén; "Insert Breath," by Jennie C. Jones; "Wave Theory," by Sandi Slone; "Lunar Radio," by David Lillington; "A Short Story," by Leo; "Boyhood 7 to 9 Years Old," by Douglas Allsop; "Dust to Dust," by Siobhan Davies; "Proust Map (The Paris Residences of Proust)," by Susanna Harwood Rubin; "Feirefiss & Lady Solid," by Caro Bensca; "Der Grosse Guckkasten," by Stefan Bohnenberger; "The Moonlight Ball," by Anna Best; "Easy Marchers: Martin Zet," by Keiko Sei; "Return," by Sylvia de Swaan; "Fools Gold," by David Mills; "Untitled," by Jårg Geismar; "Otis Laubert, The Coat of Dorian Grey," by Milos Vojtêchovsky; "Filip Turek: From the History of Art," by Thomas Pospiszyl; "A Dancer's Skin, Damascus Lamp," by Peter Lelliott; "Sharif Waked: Melancholy," by Naomi Aviv; "Kaffiyeh," by Tzibi Geva; "Rash-Elshitan, Bedouin Tent, In Paradise Tour," by S. Bohnenberger, Charlie Citron, J. Fleishman; "Mahabarata," by M.S. Umesh; "On Edgar Harris," by Peter Haffenden; "Reflections from the Bridge, On Albertine Viegas and Monitien Boonma," by Richard Thomas; "Memory and the Present," by Franklin Sirmans; "China Town, Far East or Chances Are, I Will Never Go to China," by Paul Tabak; "In and Out," by Binghui Huangfu; "Beauties Captured in Time," by Wang Zhiyuan; "Sento, Time - Space," by Toshiharo Yashiro; "Out of Nowhere," by Denise Carvalho; "Mars Exhibition," by Theo Schepens. Cover: Sylvia de Swaan.

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