Wedge : Partial Texts : Essays and Fictions
  • periodical
  • boxed edition
  • offset-printed
  • staple bound
  • slipcase
  • black-and-white & color
  • 25.7 x 22 cm.
  • 14 vol. : [28] pp. ; [13] pp. ; [6] pp. ; [15] pp. ; [12] pp. ; [14] pp. ; [12] pp. ; [24] pp.; [25] pp. ; [16] pp. ; [14] pp. ; [10] pp. ; [27] pp. ; [20] pp.
  • edition size unknown
  • unsigned and unnumbered

Wedge : Partial Texts : Essays and Fictions

Numbers 3/4/5 (1983)

Kathy Acker, Silvia Kolbowski, Nan Becker, Reese Williams, Matthew Geller, Richard Milazzo, Roberta Allen, Theresa Hak Kyung Cha, Harry Kondoleon, John Fekner, Candace Hill, Gary Indiana, Sarah Charlesworth, Phil Mariani

Wedge : Partial Texts : Essays and Fictions


Issue 3/4/5 of the periodical "Wedge." A special issue of "Wedge" that contains 14 separate books in one slipcase envelope. "This special edition of Wedge is devoted to the investigation of the viability of a politically engaged form of writing." -- Editoral. Edited by Phil Mariani and Brian Wallis. Contents include: "Implosion," by Kathy Acker; "Monumental Prop/portions," by Silvia Kolbowski; "Sterilization/Elimination," by Nan Becker; "A Pair of Eyes," by Reese Williams; "Hidden Away in a Musty Chamber," by Matthew Geller; "Semblance and Mediation," by Richard Milazzo; "Partial Portrait," by Roberta Allen; "Clio History," by Theresa Hak Kyung Cha; "Rudy on Ruby and Nadine," by Harry Kondoleon; "Beauty's Only Screen Deep," by John Fekner; "Evening Tomorrow's Here Today Since the Hornet Flies I Triangle," Candace Hill; "Shanghai," by Gary Indiana; "A Lover's Tale," by Sarah Charlesworth; and "... the difference between appearance and reality," by Phil Mariani.

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