Journal [LAICA Journal]
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Journal [LAICA Journal]

No. 33 (Summer 1982)

Ted Castle, David Carrier, Jeremy Gilbert-Rolfe, Geralyn Donohue, Joan Wallace, Thomas Lawson, Howard Singerman, Gerard Haggerty, Imogen Sieveking, John Brumfield, James Hugunin, Hesh Rosen, Benjamin Kaiser

Journal [LAICA Journal]


Edited by Michael Delgado, Jerry Dreva, and Marianne Zlotnick. Essays "Art Norms in 1982," by Ted Castle; "Art Fashion," by David Carrier; "Popular Imagery," by Jeremy Gilbert-Rolfe; "The Difference Between Absence and Not Being Missed," by Geralyn Donahue and Joan Wallace; "Too Good to Be True," by Thomas Lawson; "Paragraphs Towards an Essay Entitled "Restoration Comedies," " by Howard Singerman; "Movies as Modern Muse," by Gerard Haggerty; "A Brief Commentary on Latin American Art," by Imogen Sieveking; "Words and Pictures," by John Brumfield; "Photography: A Bourgeois Success Story," by James Hugunin; "Artists' Pages," by Hesh Rosen and Benjamin Kaiser; "Colson's Corner," by unattributed artists.

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