Journal [LAICA Journal]
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Journal [LAICA Journal]

No. 4 (February 1975)

Rachel Rosenthal, Allan Kaprow, Clayton Eshleman, Lowell Darling, Paul Brach, Carol Berge, Joyce Shaw, Peter Clothier, Victor Lance Henderson, Guy De Cointet, Barbara Strasen, Robert K. Gullen, Martha Rosler, Emerson Woelffer, Walter Gabrielson, George Miller, Newton Harrison, Helen Harrison, Howard Cohen, Susan Mogul, Miriam Shapiro, Melvyn Freilicher, Arlene Raven, Van Schley, Billy Adler, Sylvia Salazar Simpson, Kathy Acker, Jerry McMillan, Joe Goode, John Clarke, Vaughan Rachel, Philip Orlando, Ruth Iskin, Sheila Levrant de Bretteville, Caroline Kent, Peter Gordon, Dewain Valentine, June Wayne, Miles Forst, Harold Cohen

Journal [LAICA Journal]


Essays include a letter to the editor by Rachel Rosenthal; "Routine," by Allan Kaprow; "Untitled," by Clayton Eshleman; "Untitled," by Lowell Darling; "Untitled," by Paul Brach; "I'Most Go Down To The See Again," by Carol Berge; "Untitled," by Joyce Shaw; "Living on a Fault," by Peter Clothier; "Untitled," by Victor Lance Henderson; "Untitled," by Guy De Cointet; "Everyone's a Minority Group in California," by Barbara Strasen; "A Short Interview Between Dudley Finds and Lowell Darling in Hollywood," by Lowell Darling; "Conflict of Interest Law," by Robert K. Gullen; "Untitled," by Martha Rosler; "Untitled," by Emerson Woelffer; "Untitled," by Walter Gabrielson; "California White Walls," by George Miller; "If This Then That (San Diego as the Center of the World) 1974," by Newton and Helen Harrison; "/Hough/S/O Prove/His/Him o/So He Kep/ a/ 1/. T1.," by Howard Cohen; "Untitled," by Susan Mogul; "Untitled," by Miriam Shapiro; "Untitled," by Melvyn Fredilicher; "Untitled," by Arlene Raven; "World Run Completed," by Van Schley and Billy Adler; "Eggs Verbal [a/z]," by Sylvia Salazar Simpson; "(Alias The Black Tarantula Alias Ripoff Red)," by Kathy Acker; "Untitled," by Joe Goode; "Untitled," by Jerry McMillan; "Untitled," by John Clarke; " "Santa Monica, California 1973"," by Vaughan Rachel; "Dedicated to my Favorite Dance Partner Premiere Ballerina, Eleanor Antin," by Philip Orlando; "Untitled," by Ruth Iskin; "Untitled," by Sheila Levrant de Bretteville; "Untitled," by Caroline Kent; "Public Music A Chronicle," by Peter Gordon; "Untitled," by Dewain Valentine; "Untitled," by June Wayne; "Untitled," by Miles Forst; "Untitled," by Harold Cohen.

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