Journal [LAICA Journal]
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Journal [LAICA Journal]

No. 29 (Summer 1981)

Susan C. Larsen, William Moritz, Douglas Edwards, Paul Arthur, Amy Taubin, Grahame Weinbren, David James, Samir Hachem, Mitch Tuchman, Robert Janz

Journal [LAICA Journal]


Edited by Bridget Johnson, cover design created by James and John Whitney. Essays "An Interview with Robert Flick," by Susan C. Larsen; "You Can't Get Then from Now," "I. Oskar Fischinger," "II. The Whitney Brothers," by William Moritz; "Bastian Cleve: Stranger in a Strange Land," by Douglas Edwards; "Tom Lesser: Coming into View," by Paul Arthur; "An Interview with Jean-Pierre Gorin," by Amy Taubin; "Taking Up Space Space: Brakhage, Snow and David Wilson," by Grahame Weinbren; "Light and Lost Bells: The Films of Chick Strand," by David James; "Now You See Them; Now You Don't: The Distributions and Exhibition of the Avant-Garde Film in Los Angeles," by Samir Hachem; " "No One Can Stop Me!" An Interview with John Dorr," by Mitch Tuchman; "Pedagogic Transformations," by Robert Janz.

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