Journal [LAICA Journal]
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Journal [LAICA Journal]

No. 8 (November - December 1975)

Dan Howard, Lloyd Hamrol, Peter Krasnow, Walter Gabrielson, Clark Polak, Tom Wudl, Michael McMillen, Carole Caroompas, Stuart Rapeport, Karen Carson, John White, Don Giffin, Michael Auping

Journal [LAICA Journal]


Edited by Dan Howard. Essays "Proposal," by Dan Howard; "Introduction," by Dan Howard; "Autorevetment," by Lloyd Hamrol; "The Power of Art," by Peter Krasnow; "Untitled," by Walter Gabrielson; "Why Have There Been No Great Los Angeles Artists?," by Clark Polak; "Untitled," by Tom Wudl; "True Confessions," by Michael McMillen; "Surprise Hotel," by Carole Caroompas; "Nite Out With The Boys," by Stuart Rapeport; "Untitled," by Karen Carson; "Direct Experience Into Art Experience," by John White; "Untitled," by Don Giffin; "An Interview with Jean St. Pierre," by Michael Auping.

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