Journal [LAICA Journal]
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Journal [LAICA Journal]

No. 10 (March - April 1976)

Hap Tivey, Don Hazlitt, Katherine Sokolnioff, Larry Williams, Richard Armstrong, Ree Morton, Pat Steir, Marcia Tucker, Betsy Lodato, Quentin C. Dacamera, Roberta Smith, Gary Stephan

Journal [LAICA Journal]


Edited by Marcia Tucker, cover by Larry Williams. Essays "Notice to the Force," by Hap Tivey; "a conversation," by Don Hazlitt, Katherine Sokolnioff, Larry Williams; "Brenda Richardson on Baltimore and Berkeley," by unattributed artists; "Cultural Surplus," by Richard Armstrong; "Michael Todd Interviewed by Charles Kessler," by unattributed artists; "Places," by Ree Morton; "a conversation," by Pat Steir and Marcia Tucker; A Manhatted Epiphhany," by Betsy Lodato; "New York City vs. You-Know-Where," by Quentin C. Dacamera; "a conversation," by Roberta Smith and Gary Stephan.

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