Super Realism : A Critical Anthology
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Super Realism : A Critical Anthology

Gregory Battcock, Gerrit Henry, Ivan Karp, J. Patrice Marandel, Cindy Nemser, Linda Nochlin, Linda Chase, Kim Levin, H.D. Raymond, Harold Rosenberg, William Dykes, Joseph Masheck, Gene R. Swenson, Honey Truewoman, Judith Van Baron

Super Realism : A Critical Anthology


A critical anthology on Super Realism edited by Gregory Battcock. Essays "The Real Thing," by Gerrit Henry; "Rent is the Only Reality, or the Hotel Instead of the Hymns," by Ivan Karp; "The Deductive Image," by J. Patrice Marandel; "The Closeup Vision," by Cindy Nemser; "Some Women Realists," by Linda Nochlin; "Existential vs. Humanist Realism," by Linda Chase; "The Ersatz Object," by Kim Levin; "Realism Now," by Linda Nochlin; "Beyond Freedom, Dignity, and Ridicule," by H.D. Raymond; "Reality Again," by Harold Rosenberg; "The Phot as Subject: The Paintings and Drawings of Chuck Close," by William Dyckes; "The Silk Purse of High-style Interior Decoration," by Gerrit Henry; "Malcolm Morley: Post-style Illusionism," by Kim Levin; "Verist Sculpture: Hanson and De Andrea," by Joseph Masheck; "Paint, Flesh, Vesuvius," by Gene R. Swenson; "Realism in Drag," by Honey Truewoman; "The Grand Style," by Judith Van Baron. Includes index.

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