Minimal Art : A Critical Anthology
  • critical theory
  • pictorial wrappers
  • offset-printed
  • glue bound
  • black-and-white
  • 20 x 14 cm.
  • 448 pp.
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  • ISBN 0525472118

Minimal Art : A Critical Anthology

[Second Printing]

Gregory Battcock, Lawrence Alloway, Michael Benedikt, Mel Bochner, David Bourdon, Nicolas Calas, Michael Fried, Bruce Glaser, E.C. Goossen, Clement Greenberg, Peter Hutchinson, David Lee, Allen Leepa, Lucy R. Lippard, Robert Morris, Toby Mussman, Brian O'Doherty, John Perreault, Yvonne Rainer, Barbara Rose, Harold Rosenberg, Irving Sandler, Willoughby Sharp, Elayne Varian, Samuel Wagstaff Jr., Richard Wollheim, Martial Raysse, Dan Flavin, Robert Smithson

Minimal Art : A Critical Anthology


Exceptionally important critical anthology of early writings on Minimal and Conceptual Art. Includes essays by Gregory Battcock (the volume's editor), Lawrence Alloway (Systemic Painting), Michael Benedikt (Sculpture as Architecture), Mel Bochner (Serial Art, Systems, Solipsism), David Bourdon (The Razed Sites of Carl Andre), Nicolas Calas (Subject Matter in the Work of Barnett Newman) , Michael Fried (Art and Objecthood), Bruce Glaser (Questions to Frank Stella and Donald Judd), E.C. Goossen (Two Exhibitions), Clement Greenberg (Recentness of Sculpture), Peter Hutchinson (Mannerism in the Abstract), David Lee (A Systematic Revery from Abstraction to Now), Allen Leepa (Minimal ARt and Primary Meanings), Lucy R. Lippard (Eros Presumptive), Robert Morris (Notes on Sculpture), Toby Mussman (Literalness and the Infinitte), Brian O. Doherty (Minus Plato), John Perreault (Minimal Abstracts), Yvonne Rainer (A Quasi Survey of Some "Minimalist" Tendencies in the Quantitatively Minimal Dance Activity Midst the Plethora, or an Analysis of Trio A), Barbara Rose (A B C Art), Harold Rosenberg (Defining Art), Irving Sandler (Gesture and Non-Gesture in Recent Sculpture), Willoughby Sharp (Luminism and Kineticism), Elayne Varian (Schemata 7), Samuel Wagstaff Jr. (Talking with Tony Smith), Richard Wollheim (Minimal Art), and writings by Martial Raysse, Dan Flavin, Robert Smithson.

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