Arts Yearbook 9 : The Museum World
  • periodical
  • pictorial wrappers
  • offset-printed
  • glue bound
  • black-and-white
  • 30.7 x 23.2 cm.
  • 154 pp.
  • edition size unknown
  • unsigned and unnumbered

Arts Yearbook 9 : The Museum World

Lawrence Alloway, William Seitz, Bruce Glaser, Dore Ashton, Alfred Werner, Rolf-Gunter Dienst, Sam Hunter, Henry Geldzahler, Sheldon Williams, Laila Damiano, John Baur, Abram Lerner, Cesar Grana, John Walker, Jacqueline Barnitz, Allan Kaprow, Robert Smithson, Dan Graham, Charles Spencer, Allon Schoener, Alexander Tzonis, John S. Margolies, Susan Braybrooke, John Szarkowski, Andrew Sarris, David Rosand, William C. Seitz, Lucas Samaras, Nicholas Krushenick, Oyvind Fahlström, James Rosenquist, Claes Oldenburg, Larry Rivers, Barnett Newman, Donald Judd, Alex Katz, Djordje Milicevic, John Samuel Margolies

Arts Yearbook 9 : The Museum World


Arts Yearbook Number 9 focusing on Museums. Edited by the staff of Arts Magazine. Essays "Museums and Masses : An Introduction," by Lawrence Alloway; "Dialogue on Purpose," by Lawrence Alloway, William C. Seitz, and Bruce Glaser; "Curating Instant Art History," by Dore Ashton; "The Art Museum and Its Problems," by Alfred Werner; "The Crisis of Popularization," by Rolf-Gunter Dienst; "A Statement," by Sam Hunter; "Modern Art at the Metropolitan," by Henry Geldzahler; "New Look at the Tate," by Sheldon Williams; "The Museum and the Auction House," by Laila Damiano; "The Whitney and American Art," by John Baur; "The Hirshhorn Collection," by Abram Lerner; "Thomas Gilcrease Museum of Western Art"; "The National Portrait Gallery, Smithsonian Institute"; "The Art Museum and It's Public," by Cesar Grana; "Art is on the Town," by John Walker; "South America's Contemporary Art Museums," by Jacqueline Barnitz; "Artists Say," by Lucas Samaras, Nicholas Krushenick, Oyvind Fahlstrom, James Rosenquist, Claes Oldenburg, Larry Rivers, Barnett Newman, Don Judd, Alex Katz; "What is a Museum?" by Allen Kaprow and Robert Smithson, including reproductions of works by Claes Oldenburg, Carl Andre, Sol LeWitt, and Dan Graham; "Venice, A Museum in Itself," by Charles Spencer; "Electronic Museum Theater," by Allon Schoener; "Social Experience, A Portfolio," by Djordje Milicevic; "Structure and Randomness," by Alexander Tzonis; "Building for Architect & Curator," by John Samuel Margolies; "Moving Through Museums," by Susan Braybrooke; "The Under-Collected Art," by John Szarkowski; "The Need for Film," by Andrew Sarris; "The Museum of Art: A Synoptic History," by David Rosand.

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