• periodical
  • pictorial wrappers
  • offset-printed
  • sewn bound
  • black-and-white
  • 19.8 x 14 cm.
  • [unpaginated]
  • edition size unknown
  • unsigned and unnumbered


A Selection of Contemporary Canadian Poems / No. 2 (1958)

Alan Brilliant, Robert Smithson, Irving Layton, Earle Birney, Leonard Cohen, Fred Cogswell, Louis Dudek, R.G. Everson, Ralph Gustafson, Daryl Hine, George Johnston, D.G. Jones, Jay Macpherson, Eli Mandel, James Reaney, F.R. Scott, A.J.M. Smith, Raymond Souster, Francis Sparshott, Miriam Waddington, George Walton, George Whalley, Anne Wilkinson



A Quarterly of Poetry published by Alan Brilliant. Edited by Irving Layton. Poems "Leaving the Park" and "Oldster," by Earle Birney; "The Cuckold's Song" and "Master and Slave," by Leonard Cohen; "The Rock Pile" and "Her Purity," by Fred Cogswell; "Esthétique du Mal" and "The Scholars," by Louis Dudek; "Christening," "Working Late," and "La Prairie Hunger Strike," by R. G. Everson; "Four Songs for Antiquated Music," "The Little Elderly Lady Visits the Old Ladies' Home," by Ralph Gustafson; "The Doppelganger," by Daryl Hine; "Music on the Water" and "Elaine In a Bikini," by George Johnston; "Olympus in the Afternoon" and "Beautiful Creatures Brief as These," by D. G. Jones; "Olives for Jay McPherson," and "Poetic Fame," by Irving Layton; "The Poem," "As Language," "Noah's Dove," and "A View of Ironic Structure," by Jay Macpherson; "Saint Johns Near Montreal" and "Palinode," by Eli Mandel; "Pdownupdownupdownupdownupdownu," by James Reaney; "Books of Poems" and "Flying to Fort Smith," by F. R. Scott; "An Offering - for Eustace Ross" and "Thomas Moore and Sweet Annie," by A.J.M. Smith; "Night on the Uplands" and "My First School," by Raymond Souster; "The Song of Roland," by Francis Sparshott; "The Midsummer Garden" and "My Lessons In the Jail," by Miriam Waddington; "For My Children" and "Lazarus," by George Walton; "Admonishment" and "Night Flight," by George Whalley; "For Example," by Francis Sparshott; "Noel" and "I Took My Watch Beside the Rose," by Anne Wilkinson. Cover drawing by Robert Smithson.

New York, NY: Alan Brilliant,
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