Long News : In the Short Century
  • periodical
  • pictorial wrappers
  • offset-printed
  • glue bound
  • black-and-white
  • 21 x 13.6 cm.
  • 169 pp.
  • edition size unknown
  • unsigned and unnumbered

Long News : In the Short Century

No. 5

Bernhard DeBoer, Miranda Maher, Elaine Reichek, John Godfrey, Christopher Gallagher, Allen Planz, Carolee Schneemann, David Rattray, Françoise Duvivier, David Abel, Margret Wibmer, Joyce Mansour, Annette Lemieux, Elaine Equi, David Humphrey, Michael Pelias, Molly Hankwitz, Lewis Warsh, Faith Wilding, Leslie Scalapino, Lynn Crawford, Stan Sadowski, Dennis Moritz, Rick Shaefer, Barbara Henning, Chris Tysh, Gary Sullivan, Sally Young, Lorenzo Thomas, Adrian Piper, Lynne Dreyer, Don David, Aaron Williamson, Lisa Lesniak, Bernadette Meyer, Philip Good, Q.E.D. Giguere, Tom Savage, Cheri Eisenberg, Barbara Einzig, Iris Adler, D.E. Steward, Elio Schneeman, John Newman, Diane Di Prima, Maureen Owen, Beverly Semmes, Gordon Stevenson, Leonardo Drew, Johan de Wit, Harryette Mullen, John Hartigan, Tyrone Williams, Kim Hunter

Long News : In the Short Century


Issue edited by Barbara Henning. Art editor: Miranda Maher. Contents "Sampler (Home Sweet Home," by Elaine Reichek; "Three Poems," by John Godfrey; "Portraits of Statues," by Christopher Gallagher; "Shear," by Allen Planz; "Mortal Coils," by Carolee Schneemann; "Mr Peacock," by David Rattray; "Collage," by Françoise Duvivier; "Two Poems," by David Abel; "Q (cue) - riosity," by Margret Wibmer; "Cris/Screams," by Joyce Mansour; "Access/Barrier," by Annette Lemieux; "Three Poems," by Elaine Equi; "Speak!" by David Humphrey; "Para-Logos: Interview," by Michael Pelias; "The Examiner," by Molly Hankwitz; "More Than You Know," by Lewis Warsh; "from 'Daily War,'" by Faith Wilding; "from 'The Front Matter, Dead Souls,'" by Leslie Scalapino; "from 'Difficult Books,'" by Miranda Maher; "from 'Rest Stops,'" by Lynn Crawford; "Photograph,'" by Stan Sadowski; "Uncle,'" by Dennis Moritz; "Nightwatch," by Rick Schaefer; "Fabric Reins," by Barbara Henning; "from 'Daily War,'" by Faith Wilding; "The 'I' Effect," by Chris Tysh; "Three Poems," by Gary Sullivan; "Collage," by Sally Young; "Two Poems," by Lorenzo Thomas; "My Calling (Cards)," by Adrian Piper; "Split Lead," by Lynne Dreyer; "Collage," by Françoise Duvivier; "The Implant," by Don David; "Three Poems," by Aaron Williamson; "ie," by Lisa Lesniak; "Three Poems," by Bernadette Mayer and Philip Good; "Element States," by Q.E.D. Giguere; "Inability to Be Loved," by Ian Taylor; "from 'Digit Series,'" by Q.E.D. Giguere; "Kindertotenlieder for Candlemas," by Tom Savage; "Subscriber," by Cheri Eisenberg; "False Men," by Barbara Einzig; "1st Born," by Iris Adler; "Febrero," by D.E. Steward; "Three Poems," by Elio Schneeman; "Drawing and Sculpture," by John Newman; "Two Poems," by Diane di Prima; "1st Choice," by Iris Adler; "Two Poems," by Maureen Owen; "Yellow Pool," by Beverly Semmes; "Two Poems," by Don Stevenson; "Untitled #40," by Leonardo Drew; "from 'Linear A,'" by Johan de Wit; "Pretend #1," by Adrian Piper; "from 'Muse & Drudge,'" by Harryette Mullen; "Three Photographs," by Josh Hartigan; "Which Is To Say," by Tyrone Williams; "Notes Against Decibels," by Tyrone Williams; "Photograph," by Kim Hunter. Cover: Carolee Schneemann. Includes contributor biographies.

Brooklyn, NY: Long News, Ltd.,
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