Los Angeles Free Press
  • periodical
  • folded broadsheet
  • offset-printed
  • loose leaves
  • black-and-white
  • 44.3 x 29 cm.
  • 28 pp.
  • edition size unknown
  • unsigned and unnumbered

Los Angeles Free Press

Vol. 4, No. 40 (October 6 - 12, 1967)

Cecil Caufield, John Sears, R. Cobb, Jeff Pawlan, J. Douglas Walford, John Wilcock, Liga Williams, Elliot Mintz, Steven Heinemann, Michael Agnello, Edward Greer, Richard Whitehall, Lou Stoumen, Mike Pearce, S.R. Leplin, Gene Youngblood, Joyce Melba, Nat Freedland, Jeff Wolf, Dick Vasquez, Michael Hannon, Richard Benner, Lawrence Lipton, Yayoi Kusama, Pat Maginnis, Robert Filliou, Marvin Garson, Jeffrey Pawlan, Allan Kaprow

Los Angeles Free Press


Contents include "Citizens to Stores: 'Clean Up,'" by Jeffrey Pawlan; "Euclidian Politics Spell CDC Doom," by Marvin Garson; "Why Did You Get Up This Morning" and "What Are You Afraid Of," questions by Robert Filliou; "Are Mexican Abortions Dangerous?" by Pat Maginnis featuring photo of Yayoi Kusama courtesy of East Village Other; "Radio Free America," by Lawrence Lipton; "Vice Guerillas Bust Film, Keep Isla Vista Minds Pure," by Richard Benner; "Freedom of Opinion: C.P., Blacks Disrupt Peace & Freedom Meeting," by Michael Hannon; "ACLU Checks Jury Bias in Century City Conviction," by Dick Vasquez; "Monterey 'Flower Fuzz' Chief Still Digs Hippies," by Jeff Wolf; "Wailing," by Nat Freedland; "'Tartuffe' a Treat for Schoolgoers," by Joyce Melba; "Film Review: Nuart Fest Revives Best," by Gene Youngblood; "Journey into the Unknown: The Heart of Procol Harum," by S.R. Leplin; "Inner Sound Did by ID," by Mike Pearce; "New Left Delay"; "Anti-Draft Activity Set"; "Gridley Wright Defends Self in MJ Trial"; "Film Orgy at Lincoln Center," by Lou Stoumen; "Film Review: 'Merry-Go-Round.' The Sexual Carnival at Cinema," by Richard Whitehall; "Freedom of Opinion: Unity Watchword at NewPol Convention," by Edward Greer; "What the Hell is Kaprow Doing in a Museum," by Michael Agnello; "Comic Pathos, Here We Go: 'Philadelphia, Here I Come,'" by Steven Heinemann; "Looking Out," by Elliot Mintz; "Writers Organize Anti-War Protest"; "Take Forever," by Liga Williams; "Other Scenes," review of Andy Warhol's column in 'Downtown' by John Wilcock; and "Maharishi's New Yoga Position: Foot in Mouth," by J. Douglas Walford. Illustrations and photos by Jeff Pawlan, R. Cobb, John Sears, Plagens, Cecil Caufield, and others.

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