Ear Magazine
  • periodical
  • folded broadsheet
  • offset-printed
  • loose leaves
  • black-and-white
  • 42 x 29 cm.
  • 10 pp.
  • edition size unknown
  • unsigned and unnumbered

Ear Magazine

Vol. 2, No. 1 (February & March 1976)

Gleen, Dick Higgins, Hannah Weiner, Anna Lockwood, Bonnie Mara Barnett, Wendy Greenberg, Elaine Hartnett, Amy Miller Levine, Margret Fisher, Barbara Benary, Jill Kroesen, Phil Harmonic, Alison Knowles, Graham Weinbren, Beth Anderson, Marj Anderson, Shigeko Kubota, Betsy Davids

Ear Magazine


Magazine of New Music. Essays: "Leather Jacket Vaudeville," by Dick Higgins; "Untitled," by Betsy Davids; "Sun," by Hannah Weiner; "Consulting Musician," by Anna Lockwood; "Vocal Flow," by Bonnie Mara Barnett; "Preamble For Elayne," by Amy Miller Levine; "Margret Fisher's New Project," by Margret Fisher; "Five Traditions of Art History, an Essay," by Dick Higgins; "Sale #5 : Crock," by Barbara Benary; "Political Music," by Jill Kroesen; "Art and Romace / Romance and Art," by Phil Harmonic; "Monkey Shines," by Alison Knowles; "Music In The Sun," by Grahame Weinbren; "If I Were A Poet," by Beth Anderson; "Performance Piece for Eleanor Antin," by Alison Knowles; "Cornbread Recipe," by Marj Anderson; "Video Girls and Video Songs for Navajo Sky," by Shigeko Kubota.

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