Studio International
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Studio International

Vol. 179, No. 922 (May 1970)

Charles Harrison, Alexander Liberman, Henryk Gotlib, Michael Moynihan, Buckminster Fuller, Jonathan Benthall, William Tucker, Hans-Jürgen Müller , Robert Kudielka, Gene Baro, Helene Winer, Gilbert & George, John Russell, Mark Haworth-Booth, Peter Fuller, Ian Dunlop, Fernand Léger, John Golding, Ronald Alley, Pablo Picasso, Robert Graham, Joan Miró, Martin Bloch, Donald Judd

Studio International


May 1970 issue of Studio International. Edited by Charles Harrison. Essays include: "In the Land of My Own Vision," by Henryk Gotlib; "Gilbert & George," by Michael Moynihan; "An Interview with Buckminster Fuller," by Jonathan Benthall; Four Sculptors (Part 2): Picasso Cubist Constructions," by William Tucker; "Sociology of an Art Boom: I-The Background to the Flourishing German Art Market" and "II From Survival to Success: An Interview with Hans-Jürgen Müller," by Robert Kudielka; "Liberman: The Art of Amplitude," by Gene Baro; "Robert Graham's Boxes," by Helene Winer; "A Magazine Sculpture," by Gilbert & George which includes "Underneath the Arches (The most intelligent fascinating serious and beautiful art piece you have ever seen)" and the censored "George the [cunt] / Gilbert the [shit]" magazine sculptures ; "Miró's Sculptures," by John Russell; "Victorians at Manchester," by Mark Haworth-Booth; "Martin Bloch Re-Assessed," by Ronald Alley. "London Commentary," by Peter Fuller, Ian Dunlop and statements by Fernand Léger, introduced by John Golding. Includes, "On Exhibition: A Selection from Current and Forthcoming Exhibitions." Cover: Alexander Liberman. Includes letter to the editor by Donald Judd.

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