F.R. David
  • periodical
  • pictorial wrappers
  • offset-printed
  • sewn bound
  • black-and-white & color
  • 19.2 x 12 cm.
  • 237 pp.
  • edition size 1000
  • unsigned and unnumbered

F.R. David

The "Stuff & Nonsense" Issue / No. 2

Ann Demeester, Will Holder, Dieter Roelstraete, Goethe, Stephen Bann, Eugen Gomringer, Jérôme Peignot, John & Yoko, Experimental Jetset, Filippo Tommaso Marinetti, Matt Mullican, Steven Shearer, Martin Bormann, Marc Nagtzaam, Sol LeWitt, Scott Myles, Barry Johnston, Kasper Andreassen, Kurt Schwitters, Bertrand Russell, OmniPage Pro, Samuel Nyholm, James Lee Byars, Margriet Schavemaker, Robert Ashley, Jan Tschichold, Ann-Sofie Thomsen, Enrico David, Adam Avikainen, Dexter Sinister, Paul Sietsema, Adam Pendleton, Hugo Cole, Sue Tompkins, Jonathan Meese, Matias Faldbakken, Jeff Koons, David Thorpe

F.R. David


Issue number two of the bi-annually published periodical F.R. David. Edited by Ann Demeester, Will Holder and Dieter Roelstraete. Designed by Will Holder. Essays "The Plastic and the Poetic Form," by Goethe; "Ian Hamilton Finlay, an Illustrated Essay," by Stephen Bann; "Poetry as a Means for the Structuring of a Social Environment," by Eugen Gomringer; "Ici, le langage brille par son absence," by Jérôme Peignot; John & Yoko meet Experimental Jetset meet Marinetti; "Essex," by Matt Mullican; "Voiceless Alters of Flesh," by Steven Shearer; "Rundschreiben," by Martin Bormann; "A Lot of Searching Went into these Words," by Marc Nagtzaam; "The Location of A Circle," by Sol LeWitt; "Untitled," by Scott Myles; "The Votes Under My Bed," by Barry Johnston; "Bourgeois Poetry," by Kasper Andreassen; "What a...?" by Kurt Schwitters; "'Useless' Knowledge," by Bertrand Russell; "'...eight hunched words.'" by OmniPage Pro; "3poems (for Elly)," by Samuel Nyholm; "Dear, Dear Wies," by James Lee Byars; "Reading the Unreadable," by Margriet Schavemaker; "Yes, But is it Edible?" by Robert Ashley; "Modern Man Must..." by Jan Tschichold & Ann-Sofie Thomsen; "Lower Gallery," by Enrico David; "Sweathertz," by Adam Avikainen; "True Mirror," by Dexter Sinister; "The Famous Last Words," by Paul Sietsema; "Reading Godard, Reading on, Cerith Wyn Evans and Reading, Malcolm X in no particular order," by Adam Pendleton; "Sounds and Signs," Hugo Cole; "Elephants Galore," by Sue Tompkins; "Die Diktatur der Kunst," by Jonathan Meese; "The Absence of Absolute Freedom," by Matias Faldbakken; "Jeff Koons is a Victim," by Jeff Koons; various works by David Thorpe. "Published twice-yearly by 'de Appel' arts centre, Amersterdam - F.R. David focuses on the 'status' of (reading and) writing in contemporary art practice. Writing as a mode that informs and feeds, supports and describes, backs up and interprets, comments and reflects upon contemporary artistic production. Writing as 'the core material' of a number of visual artists but equally as a mode that exists parallel to or in service of the visual." -- publisher's statement.

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