Spring Gallery 68
  • ephemera
  • mimeograph
  • black-and-white
  • 21.6 35.5 cm.
  • [1] pp.
  • edition size unknown
  • unsigned and unnumbered

Spring Gallery 68

Bert Stern, Peter Williams, Tom Gormley, Charles Silver, Alex Hay, Edward Lonchiek, Hannah Weiner, Michael Kirby, Carter Ratcliff, Erich Rogers, John Neal, Tom Trengove, Dan Graham, Marjorie Strider, Simone Whitman, Robert Rauschenberg, Tony Holder, Julie Martin, Steve Paxton, Dorothea Rockburne, Dick Van Buren, Robert Breer, Max Neuhaus, Elaine Sturtevant, Loren Hollander, Christos Gianakos, Barbara Gormley, Leo Castelli

Spring Gallery 68


Single sided flyer announcing a series of concerts held at Bert Stern's Studio with support from Leo Castelli, New York City, May 25 - 28, 1968. Performances, artwork, including "Topsoil" by Alex Hay; "Nobody Knows the Trouble You've Seen" by Charles Silver and Edward Lonchike; "Code Poems" by Hannah Weiner with performances by Michael Kirby, Carter Ratcliff, Weiner, Erich Rogers, John Neal and assist of Tom Trengrove, Dan Graham and Marjorie Strider; "Song and Face Book" by Simone Whitman; "Linoleum" by Robert Rauschenberg featuring Tony Holder, Julie Martin, Steve Paxton, Rauschenberg, Dorothea Rockburne, Dick Van Buren, Simone Whitman with sculpture by Robert Breer and Maxfeeder by Max Neuhaus; "Duchamp Segment of Hans Richter's Dreams Money Can Buy" by Elaine Sturtevant with pianist Lorne Hollander; and "Hitch" by Tom Gormley" with Eldridge Cooke, Michael Kirby, Gormley and assist by Christos Gianakos and Barbara Gormley.

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