Art and Literature : An International Review
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Art and Literature : An International Review

No. 5 (Summer 1964)

Fr. Rolfe, Baron Corvo, Virgil Thomson, Boris Pasternak, Edoardo Pagliarani, Alfredo Giuliani, Robert Rosenblum, Larry Rivers, David Hockney, Jill Johnston, Kenneth Koch, Donald Barthelme, Soteré Torregian, G.W. Watson, Stephen Donadio, Gerard Malanga, Roger Hammer, Richard Wollheim, John Ashbery, Anne Dunn, Rodrigo Moynihan, Sonia Orwell

Art and Literature : An International Review


Issue number five of the journal "Art and Literature," edited by John Ashbery, Anne Dunn, Rodrigo Moynihan, and Sonia Orwell. Contents include "A Selection from 'The Venice Letters,'" by Fr. Rolfe, Baron Corvo; "The Feast of Love," by Virgil Thomson; "Poems: 'In the Wood' and 'Ballade,'" by Boris Pasternak; "Poems: 'from Laborintus' and 'from Erotopaegnia,'" by Edoardo Sanguineti; "Narcissus Pseudonarcissus," by Elio Pagliarani; "Poems: 'When I Saw the Willow,' "Grey Clearings are Kindled,' 'from Birthday,' 'from Predilections,'" by Alfredo Giuliani; "Pop Art and Non-Pop Art," by Robert Rosenblum; "Beautiful and Interesting," by Larry Rivers and David Hockney; "The New American Modern Dance," by Jill Johnston; "from 'The Red Robins,'" by Kenneth Koch; "Can we Talk," by Donald Barthelme; "Poems: 'Two Voices,' 'I See the Far,' 'Song of the Golden Gayboy,' and 'Summer to Winter,'" by Soteré Torregian; "Poems: 'Arch Romance in an Orchard,' 'Telegram for Love in Tradition,' 'Apprentice Clockmaker-Clockmaker Abroad,' 'The Two Cronies,' 'Night and Day,' 'Cameos of Philosophy,' 'The Lady in the Avenue of Love,'" by G.W. Watson; "Poems: 'The Betrayal,' and 'from Letters from a Foreign Place,'" by Stephen Donadio; "Poems: 'When Youth Shall This Generation Waste,' and 'Mirage,'" by Gerard Malanga; "Birthday in Bedlam," by Roger Hammer; and "On Expression and Expressionism," by Richard Wollheim.

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