SoHo News
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SoHo News

Vol. 7, No. 51 (September 17-23, 1980)

Josh Friedman, Donald Sultan, Christy Rupp, Julian Schnabel, Sandy Skoglund, Helen Oji, David Hammons, Cindy Sherman, Bill Jensen, R.M. Fischer, Pedro Lujan, Rae Berolzheimer, Laurie Simmons, Ann Sperry, Len Jenshel, Howardina Pindell, Kathleen Agnoli, David Reed, William Zimmer, Andy Grundberg, John Perreault, Gerald Marzorati, Peter Freiberg, Seth Cagin, E.L. Doctorow, Charles Ruas, Walker Simon, Jean-Marie Simon, Ronnie Spector, Mick Farren, David Byrne, Ray Trakin, Timothy Greenfield Sanders, Leo Castelli, Dan Flavin, Ivan Karp, Andrea Pedersen

SoHo News


September 17-23, 1980 issue of SoHo News. Issue edited by Josh Friedman. Includes: "Art Breakers: N.Y.'s Emerging Artists, Special Supplement," edited and with an introduction by Gerald Marzorati. Emerging artists profiled are: "Donald Sultan," by William Zimmer; "Christy Rupp," by William Zimmer; "Julian Schnabel," by William Zimmer; "Sandy Skoglund," by Andy Grundberg; "Helen Oji," by William Zimmer; "David Hammons," by John Perreault; "Cindy Sherman," by Andy Grundberg; "Bill Jensen," by John Perreault; "R.M. Fischer," by John Perreault; "Pedro Lujan," by John Perreault; "Rae Berolzheimer," by William Zimmer; "Laurie Simmons," by Andy Grundberg; "Ann Sperry," by John Perreault; "Len Jenshel," by Andy Grundberg; "Howardina Pindell," by John Perreault; "Kathleen Agnoli," by Andy Grundberg; and "David Reed," by William Zimmer. Overviews include: "Galleries," by John Perreault; "Alternative Spaces," by William Zimmer; "Museums," by Gerald Marzorat, and "Photography," by Andy Grundberg. Additional cover stories include:"Tenants on Loft Plan," by Peter Freiberg; "Roeg's Gallery" by Seth Cagin; "E.L. Doctorow Interview," by Charles Ruas; "Jersey's Harvest of Shame: 3-Month Investigation of Migrant Labor," story by Walker Simon, photo essay by Jean-Marie Simon; "Ronnie Spector Confesses," by Mick Farren; and "David Byrne Progresses," by Ray Trakin. Centerfold: "Stubby Goes to Sojo," photographs of a small dog in SoHo galleries by Andrea Pedersen, including a photo of the dog with Leo Castelli and a Dan Flavin piece, and the dog with Ivan Karp. Cover photograph of Julain Schnabel by Timothy Greenfield Sanders.

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