Discourse : Journal for Theoretical Studies in Media and Culture
  • critical theory
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Discourse : Journal for Theoretical Studies in Media and Culture

Performance Issue(s) : Happenings, Body, Spectacle, Virtual Reality / No. 14.2 (Spring 1992)

Valie Export, Herbert Blau, Jon Erickson, Ferdinand Schmatz, Kristine Stiles, David Crane, Gerhard Johann Lischka, Josette Féral, Vivian M. Patraka, Allen S. Weiss, Valère Novarina, Regina Cornwell, Ann Lasko-Harvill, Ken Feingold

Discourse : Journal for Theoretical Studies in Media and Culture


Spring 1992 issue of Discourse dedicated to happenings, body, spectacle and virtual reality. Guest edited by Valie Export and Herbert Blau. Essays include "The Prospect Before Us," by Herbert Blau; Persona, Proto-Performance, Politics: A Preface," by Valie Export; "The Spectacle of the Anti-Spectacle: Happenings and the Situationist International," by Jon Erickson; "Viennese Actionism and the Vienna Group: The Austrian Avant-Garde after 1945," by Ferdinand Schmatz; "Survival Ethos and Destruction Art," by Kristine Stiles; "The Rope Trick," by David Crane; "Performance Art / Life Art / Mediafication," by Gerhard Johann Lischka; "What is Left of Performance Art? Autopsy of a Function; Birth of a Genre," by Josette Féral; "Binary Terror and Feminist Performance: Reading Both Ways," by Vivian M. Patraka; "Radiophonic Art: The Voice of the Impossible Body," by Allen S. Weiss; "Theater of the Ears," by Valère Novarina; "Interactive Art: Touching the 'Body in the Mind,'" by Regina Cornwell; and "Identity and Mask in Virtual Reality," by Ann Lasko-Harvill. Includes a list of books received and contributor biographies. Front cover art by Ken Feingold, back cover art by Ann Lasko-Harvill.

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