Showbill : Theatre of the Absurd
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Showbill : Theatre of the Absurd

Samuel Beckett, Alan Schneider, Kenneth Koch, Nicola Cernovich, Jack Richardson, George L. Sherman, Edward Albee, Jean Genet, Donald Davis, Fernando Arrabal, Richard Barr, Eugene Ionesco, Kermit Bloomgarden, Gene Feist

Showbill : Theatre of the Absurd


Showbill for the 1962 season of plays staged at the Cherry Lane Theater in Greenwich Village. Introduction by Kermit Bloomgarden. Plays include: "Theater of the Absurd," by Samuel Beckett, directed by Alan Schneider: "Bertha," by Kenneth Koch, directed by Nicola Cernovich; "Gallows Humor," by Jack Richardson, directed by George L. Sherman; "The Sandbox," written and directed by Edward Albee; "Deathwatch," by Jean Genet, directed by Donald David; "Picnic on the Battlefield," by Fernando Arrabal, directed by Gene Feist; "The American Dream," by Edward Albee, directed by Alan Schneider; "The Zoo Story," by Edward Albee, directed by Richard Barr; and "The killer," by Eugene Ionesco, directed by Richard Barr. Includes selected biographies.

New York, NY: Showbill,
Condition:  Very Good. 1.5 cm. mark on recto cover. Gently folded in half vertically. Contents clean and unmarked.
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