Berkeley Barb
  • periodical
  • pictorial wrappers
  • offset-printed
  • loose leaves
  • black-and-white
  • 44.5 x 29.5 cm.
  • 27 pp.
  • edition size unknown
  • unsigned and unnumbered

Berkeley Barb

Vol. 19, No. 22 (June 14-20, 1974)

Jim Schreiber, Paul Krassner, Sam Silver, Kathie Streem, Jennifer L. Thompson, Janet Friess, David Johnston, Janet Fries, Ron Rakow, Avis Worthington, Sam Silver, Larry Tate, George Whitmore, Susan Homeyer, David Haldane, Clay Geerdes, Dominique Benicheti, Loren Means, Molly Gleiser, Jude Acers, Ken Jacobs, Robert 'Razor' Blades, Berna Rauch, J. Glitterwart Poet

Berkeley Barb


June 14-20, 1974 issue of Berkeley Barb, edited by Jim Schreiber. Contents include: "Deflower Bay Park: They're Killing Your Land," by Sam, Evan, Goose, & Zapata; "Rumpleforeskin's Column: Hitchin' the Source, Patty Safe with FBI," by Paul Krassner; "Push Indians Over Brink;" "Ruschell MaGee Writes;" "City Faces Suit After Firing PRC Investigator," by Avis Worthington; "Preventive Dentistry at Free Clinic;" "Union City Cop Chief Shot at Meeting;" "Major Economic Collapse Due by End of Year;" "Striking Nurses Seek Improved Pension Rights," by Avis Worthington, photo by Sam Silver; "Inquisition by Grand Jury," by Kathie Streem; "An End to 'Bombs III'?;" "Crim Lineup," by Ad Hoc; "Gays Give Cops A Crash Course," by Jennifer L. Thompson, photo by Janet Friess; "SF Street Artists Ready," by David Johnston, photo by Janet Fries; "Karate Confidence Course;" "Kissinger Resigned to Being Caught?," by Sgt Pepper; "Sinister Standard Secret Search;" "Camillas;" "The Complete Transcript: SLA: Cinque No Fink;" "Felonious Pot Plant in Window Gets Him Busted;" "Jerry Ford - Who the Hell is He?;" "Medicines Killing You Off;" "Scientists Leave Chile in Droves;" "Gainsville Eight Sue U.S. for Spying;" "A suggestion," by Ron Rakow; "PRC Official Wants Detauls of SLA Probe," by Avis Worthington; "Food Dyes that Turn Poisonous in Light;" "Voiceprints Banned as Evidence;" "Machines Take Over at FBI;" "Prisoners Tell of Set-ups;" "Berkeley Heads Finally Square Off with PG&E," by Avis Worthington; "Agriculture News: Gardener Seized by Vegetables?;" "The Vietnamization of Tilden Park: Green Giants Slain," photo by Sam Silver; "Vote or Else! Ralph [Nader] Raids...Everybody," by David Johnston, photos by Janet Fries; "Feds Plan to Fire More Atom Blasts in Western States;" "That Sexy Elephant Beats Ass;" "Cultural Terrorism? Pundits Put Down Gay Rights," by Larry Tate; "Proclamation: Gay Pride Day, City of Berkeley;" "Why Weatherfolk Bombed Evelle Younger's LA Office;" "It's Raining on Gay Rights in Fun City," by George Whitmore; "Murray Bookchin's Open Letter to the Ecology Movement;" "The Berkeley Barb Presents: Calendar of Events; "Organizing for Amnesty," by Susan Homeyer; "Auditing Past Lives," by David Haldane; "Looking Backward: Remembering the Erotic Forties," by Clay Geerdes; "Jules a Fanf -- Ingtastic Film! 'I Drew Every Shot' Cousin Filmmaker Dominique Benicheti; "Lunetta's Laser: Moosack's Mentor," by Loren Means; "Plastics that Kill;" "Xavier Hammerberg;" "Dr. Weird Love;" "More than Liberation: WomenSports Runs for Fun," by Molly Gleiser; "Chess Barbs," by Jude Acers; "Meaningless Work, Urban Paranoia," by Berna Rauch; "Newsmags Ban Marijuana Ads;" "It's a Long Way from Woodstock to Oakland," by Ken Jacobs; "Enough to Give Rock a Bad Name," by Robert 'Razor' Blades; "Mind-opening Theater," by Berna Rauch; "They're Leaving Home;" "Rhino Horn Aphrodisiac Keeps India and China Friendly;" "J Poet Proclaims: Long Live the Queen!," by J. Glitterwart Poet; "Scenedrome." Includes an ad for Andy Warhol's "Frankenstein."

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Condition:  Good. Gently folded in two, with light yellowing of covers and pages and edge-wear including bumping and small tearing. 9 mm. tear to spine edge, 3 mm. tear to top edge; and 7 mm., 2 mm., 3 mm. tears to right side edge of recto. 1.2 cm., 9 mm., 3 mm., 1 cm., 1.5 cm. tears to top edge of verso. Additional light tearing to page edges, contents otherwise clean and unmarked.
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