Berkeley Barb
  • periodical
  • pictorial wrappers
  • offset-printed
  • loose leaves
  • black-and-white
  • 44.7 x 29 cm.
  • [30] pp.
  • edition size unknown
  • unsigned and unnumbered

Berkeley Barb

Too Much of Nothing : Hearst Media Blitz / Vol. 22, No. 11, Issue No. 528 (September 26 - October 2, 1975)

David Armstrong, Patty Hearst, Sally Moore, Gar Smith, Ric Reynolds, Avis Worthington, Paul krassner, David Johnston, Kathie Stream, Stewart Brand, Dick Rosenblatt, Tom Hayden, Andrew Ross, Barbara L. Baer, Loren Means, Michael Snyder, Brian Aldiss, Ray Ramsay, James Roy MacBean

Berkeley Barb


September 26 - October 2, 1975 issue of Berkeley Barb, edited by David Armstrong. Contents include: "Sally Moore's 'Radical' Trip," by Barb's S.F. News Interval; "'Chile Too, Will Triumph,'" by Gar Smith; "Dear Barb;" Patty, Sally and the Media Army," by Ric Reynolds, written a week after Patty Hearst's capture/rescue; "Berkeley Beat," by Avis Worthington; "Out of the Closet, Into the Bank," by Paul krassner; "How Real Is It? Patty's 'Brainwash' Rap,'" by David Johnston; "Straight Press Tries to Isolate SLA Supporters," by Kathie Stream; "Whole Earth's Stewart Brand Tools Off Into Space," by Dick Rosenblatt; "Tom Hayden: All-American Radical," by Andrew Ross; "Looking at the World with 'The Big Mind,'" by Laughingbird; "Turning Sex Into Dubious Dance," by Barbara L. Baer; "Vassar Clements' Country Jazz (?)," by Loren Means; "Miles, Bill Evans and the Techno-Rock Kid," by Michael Snyder; "Trane Betrayed by Jargon and Trivia," by F.D.; "Brian Aldiss - Through a Timeslip Darkly," by Ray Ramsay; "Opera? Why Not? Listen...," by James Roy MacBean; "Barb Classified," and more. Contains many pages of advertisements for San Francisco massage parlors.

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Condition:  Good. Folded in two, with light yellowing of covers and pages and edge-wear, bumping, folding and small tearing throughout including 5 mm. tear at spine and 3 mm. tear to bottom edge of recto. Otherwise clean and unmarked
[Object # 37748]