Berkeley Barb
  • periodical
  • illustrated wrappers
  • offset-printed
  • loose leaves
  • black-and-white
  • 44.9 x 29.5 cm.
  • 24 pp.
  • edition size unknown
  • unsigned and unnumbered

Berkeley Barb

Vol. 19, No. 14, Issue No. 453 (April 19 - 25, 1974)

David Armstrong, Mae Brussell, Stephanie Caruana, Frederick U. Ross, Ric Reynolds, David J. Kolsky, Jennifer L. Thompson, Avis Worthington, Tom Plante, Avis Worthington, Gerry Lee-Borst, Herbert Marcuse, Michael Reynolds, Carolee Schneemann, Berma Rauch, Jude Acers, Janet Fries, Arnie Passman, Richard Casey, Loren Means, Miles Davis

Berkeley Barb


April 19 - 25, 1974 issue of Berkeley Barb, edited by David Armstrong. Contents include: "Is SLA's Cinque the First Black Lee Harvey Oswald?," by Mae Brussell and Stephanie Caruana; "Teachers in Secret Vote Over Strike," by Avis Worthington; "Has Abbie Jumped Bail in Coke Case?," "People's Park Plan May Get Rector's Name;" "Cinque Called Police Patsy," by Sgt Pepper; "Newsman Busted;" "Coalition Makes Move: Oil Moguls Challenged," by Frederick U. Ross; "Valley Coalition Officers;" "SLA Bank Holdup Answers Some of the Questions," by Ric Reynolds; "Will Gerald Ford Survive San Jose This Weekend?;" "Gunman Suspended;" "Big 'Welcome' Planned for Nixon's Henchmen;" "Protest for Popeye;" "Inventing Diseases to Explain Away America's Violence;" "New Peralta College Plan Hits Snags," by David J. Kolsky; "PT&T CruciFiction: Old Ma Bell's Got a Hang Up," by Jennifer L. Thompson, photo by Janet Fries; "SLA Set-UP? Panther Bust Seen as Stage of Renewed Police Plot," by David Armstrong; "Charge Berkeley Agency Illegal," by Avis Worthington; "Terminal Pot Case;" "Berkeley Council Backs Harassed Trotskyist Party," by Avis Worthington; "Big Protest Demo to Throw Bum out;" "Sun Lovers Fight Atom Smashers," by Tom Plante; "Protest at Japanese Slaughter of Whales;" "Women Busted for Delivering Babies Without License;" "Computers Help Solve JFK Death;" "Psycho-Terror: How They Contract Your Consciousness," by David Armstrong; "Visitors Hassled: Hells Angel Chief Being Victimized in Folsom;" "Striking Utility Workers Seek Probe," by Avis Worthington; "Who Pays Income Tax Anyway?;" "Inquisitors Coming," by Gerry Lee-Borst; "Feminist Socialism: The Hard Core of the Dream," by Herbert Marcuse; "Kiss it All Goodbye;" "Free at Last! Tonto Gets Masked Man," by Berna Rauch; "Gleeson Synthesized," by Loren Means; "Carolee Cuts Through Light, Time and Space," Michael Reynolds on Carolee Schneeman; "Dracula is a Scream," by Berma Rauch; "Chess Barbs," by Jude Acers (U.S. Senior Master); "Sex Roles in the Sixties: Where the Girls Were At;" "Tonight as 'Conrack': A Wise Guy Liberal Crazy Stirring Up Black Kids," by Janet Fries; "Mott Lobotumizes Poet;" "New Stage, Old Story;" "Lenny Tries to Make You See the Way It Is," by Richard Casey; "Pop Culture a Little Overcooked;" "Silence Falls Over Berkeley," by Arnie Passman; "New French Movie is Real Talker," by Richard Casey; and "Getting to See Miles Becoming a Hassle," Loren Means on Miles Davis.

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Condition:  Good / Very Good. Folded in two, with light yellowing of covers and pages with light edge-wear, bumping, folding and small tearing throughout including 2.7 cm. loss to top right corner of recto and 4 mm. tear to page 3. 1 cm. tearing and loss to bottom left corner of publication. Additional small tearing to page edges with some bumping. Contents are clean and unmarked.
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