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Vol. 119, No. 23 (June 8, 1992)

Barbara Kruger, Maynard Parker, Ned Zeman, Lucy Howard, Stephen Langfur, Joe Klein, Howard Fineman, Eleanor Clift, Eloise Salholz, Tony Clifton, Patricia King, Marian Wright Edelman, Eleanor Clift, Jonathan Alter, David H. Hackworth, Michael Meyer, Pia Hinckle, Tom Post, Margaret Garrard Warner, Karen Breslau, Richard Thomas, Margaret Garrard Warner, Ray Wilkinson, Marc Levinson, Jean Seligmann, Constance Wiley, Robert J. Samuelson, Laura Shapiro, Mary Hager, Kathryn Baron, Debra Rosenberg, Lydia Denworth, Katrine Ames, Jerry Adler, Peter Annin, Geoffrey Cowley, Harry F. Waters, Vern E. Smith, Laura Shapiro, Charles Leerhsen, Katrine Ames, Malcolm Jones Jr., Ray Sawhill, Mark Starr, Malcolm Jones Jr., David Ansen, Abigail Kuflik, Jennifer Foote, Peter Katel, Barbara Kantrowitz, Pat Wingert, Elizabeth Ann Leonard, Kenneth L. Woodward, Niccolo Vivarelli, Christopher Dickey, Meg Greenfield



June 8, 1992 issue of Newsweek, edited by Maynard Parker. Contents include: "Periscope," with bureau reports by Ned Zeman and Lucy Howard; "Let the Walls Down," by Stephen Langfur; "Letters;" "Perspectives;" "Whose Values," by Joe Klein, with artwork by Barbara Kruger; "Playing on the 'V Word,'" by Howard Fineman; "First Lady Culture Clash," by Eleanor Clift; "Values in the Classroom," by Eloise Salholz with Tony Clifton in New York, Patricia King in San Francisco, Karen Springen in Chicago, Howard Manly in Atlanta and Debra Rosenberg in Boston; "A Mother's Guiding Message," Marian Wright Edelman interviewed by Eleanor Clift; "Why the Old Media's Losing Control," by Jonathan Alter; "'You in Congress, Listen Up': Sounding the alarm against those who think the country is only the sum of its special interests," by David H. Hackworth; "Deathwatch on Mount McKinley: It's more dangerous than it looks," by Michael Meyer; "The Grip of the Octopus;" by Pia Hinckle; "Getting Tough on Serbia," by Tom Post with Margaret Garrard Warner and Karen Breslau; "'Iraq-gate': Were We Soft on Saddam?," by Richar Thomas and Margaret Garrard Warner; "First: Smart Bombs. Now: Funny Money," by Ray Wilkinson; "Dispatches;" "America's Edge," by Marc Levinson; "No Day at the Beach," by Jean Seligmann with Constance Wiley; "For Sun Lovers: A Yellow Badge of Caution;" "Original Sin Remembered," by Robert J. Samuelson; "Newsmakers;" "A Mystery in Your Lunchbox," by Laura Shapiro with Mary Hager, Kathryn Baron, Debra Rosenberg, and Lydia Denworth; "Who's Minding Our Children;" by Katrine Ames; "A Life and Death Puzzle;" by Jerry Adler with Peter Annin; "Not What the Doctor Ordered," by Geoffrey Cowley; "High and Mighty," by Harry F. Waters and Vern E. Smith; "The Books of the Summer," by Laura Shapiro, Charles Leerhsen, Katrine Ames, Malcolm Jones Jr., Ray Sawhill, Mark Starr, Malcolm Jones Jr.; "Of Carnage and Comedy," by David Ansen; "It Doesn't Rock and Roll," by Abigail Kuflik with Jennifer Foote; "The Best Team Money Can't Buy," by Peter Katel; "There's Life After Yale," by Barbara Kantrowitz with Pat Wingert and Elizabeth Ann Leonard; " Sympathy for the Devil's Foes," by Kenneth L. Woodward with Niccolo Vivarelli; "Not Their Finest Hour," by Christopher Dickey; and "Radio Free Beltway," by Meg Greenfield. Cover art by Barbara Kruger.

New York, NY: Newsweek, Inc.,
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