Journal [LAICA Journal]
  • periodical
  • illustrated wrappers
  • offset-printed
  • staple bound
  • black-and-white
  • 27.9 x 21.5 cm.
  • 48 + pp.
  • edition size unknown
  • unsigned and unnumbered

Journal [LAICA Journal]

No. 7 (August - September 1975)

Peter Clothier, Joyce Shaw, David MacDermott, Tom Edwards, Tim Spain, David Antin, Barbara T. Smith, Michael McClure, John White, Sandy Ballatore, Diane Calder Belsley, Norman Lock, Rachel Rosenthal, Stephanie Jackson, Vincent Robbins, Fred Lonidier, Edie Danieli, Richard Turner, Claudia Chapline, Martha Rosler, B.J. Goldberg, S. Weisser, Bruce Fier, Morrie Warshawski, Paul Dillon, Joe Potts, Pat Trimble

Journal [LAICA Journal]


August-September 1975 issue of Journal, edited by Peter Clothier. Contents include: "Editorial Comment," by Peter Clothier; "'We the People,' a Proposal," by Joyce Shaw; "Thoughts Toward Two Art Pieces," by David MacDermott; "Up from the Hole," by Tom Edwards; "Cast Aspersions," by Tim Spain; "Libra Piece," by David Antin; "Of What Use Are They: Women in Industry," by Barbara T. Smith; "Poem, for Shirley and Wallace," by Michael McClure; "Influencing Events #4/Putting Surface," by John White; "Alexis Smith: Object-Language Collages," by Sandy Ballatore; "Excerpts from Nine Fantasy Projections," by Diane Calder Belsley; "Postcards," by Norman Lock; "Untitled," by Rachel Rosenthal; "Poem," by Stephanie Jackson; "'Redder, Bluer, Yellower,'" by Vincent Robbins; "Autobiography/History," by Fred Lonidier; "Poems," by Edie Danieli; "Robuses," by Richard Turner; "Performance Notes: Marlin Line, Part 2," by Claudia Chapline; "McTowersmaid: Food Novel 2," by Martha Rosler; "Schemata for Construction of a Solar System," by B.J. Goldberg; "Write: Rite," by S. Weisser; "Pages from Three Books," by Bruce Fier; "Two Poems," by Morrie Warshawski; "Untitled," by Paul Dillon; "Transcription of a Story...," by Joe Potts; "John White: a Review," by Pat Trimble; "Catalog: Subject/Object Show." Cover by Joyce Shaw.

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Condition:  Very Good. Rubbing of covers and cover edges. 3.5 cm. dog-ear to bottom left corner of verso and 2.3 cm. of creasing to top right corner of recto. Contents clean and unmarked.
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