• exhibition catalogue
  • pictorial wrappers
  • offset-printed
  • sewn bound
  • color
  • 30.5 x 23 cm.
  • 80 pp.
  • edition size unknown
  • unsigned and unnumbered
  • ISBN 0935398007


Marilyn McCray, Patricia Ambrogi, Charles Arnold Jr., Barbara Astman, Peter Astrom, Anna Banana, Thomas Barrow, Patrick Beilman, Wallace Berman, John Eric Broaddus, Charlotte Brown, Gary Brown, Tamara Thompson Bryant, Carioca (Carrie Carlton), Carl T. Chew, Judith Christensen, Buster Cleveland, Dina Dar, Mary J. Dougherty, Herb Edwards, Diedre Engle, Evergon (Al Lunt), William Farancz, Bernard K. Fischer, Dan Fleckles, Leland Fletcher, Connie Fox, Antonio Frasconi, Deborah Freedman, Bill Gaglione (Dadaland), Linda Gammell, Linton Godown , Andrea Goldberg, Craig Goldwyn, Erin Goodwin, William Gratwick, Marty Gunsaullus, Betty Hahn, Kirsten Hawthorne, William Gray Harris, Robert Heinecken, Carol Hernandez, E.F. Higgins III, Pati Hill, Tyler James Hoare, Douglas Holleley, Suda House, Ray Johnson, Tod Jorgensen, Kasoundra, Tim Kilby, Ellen Land-Weber, William Larson, Carol Law, N'Ima Leveton, H. Arthur Taussig, Peter Thompson, Helen Wallis, Stephanie Weber, John Wood, Rob Noah Wynne



Exhibition catalogue published in conjunction with show of art created with Xerox color copiers, held at the International Museum of Photography, Rochester, New York, 1979. Text by Marilyn McCray. With work by Anna Banana, Willyum Rowe, Keith Smith, Joan Lyons, Thomas Barrow, Bruno Munari, Ray Johnson, Betye Saar, Barbara Smith, Rachel Rosenthal, and many others. Includes biographies of the 85 artists in the exhibition, a list of the 245 works included, and 58 color reproductions.

Condition:  Used