• catalogue raisonnĂ©
  • offset-printed
  • loose leaves
  • loose card[s]
  • black-and-white
  • 10 x 15 cm.
  • 144 pp.
  • edition size 1100
  • unsigned and unnumbered

Franklin Furnace Archive Artists Book Bibliography : Vol. I

Franklin Furnace


Volume I of the Franklin Furnace Archive Artists' Book Bibliography. 144 white note cards, including 1 cover / colophon card. These cards descriptively catalogue books in the Franklin Furnace Artists' Book Collection, and supply artists' statements. Artists include Jacki Apple, Curt Barnes, John M.Bennett, Hans Breder, Lawler Caring, Marie C. Combs, Allan D. Coleman, Robert Cumming, Roger Cutforth, Robert Del/ford Brown, Jamie Davidovich, Peter Downsbrough, Fred Escher, Heidi Fasnacht, Fine Jud, Peter Fleishman, Paul J. Forte, Conrad Gleber, Dan Graham, Peter Grass, Kathe Gregory, Marilyn Landis, Russell F. Lewis, David Crane, Scott R. Kahn, George Griffin, Hans Haacke, Marcia Hafif, Kathryn A. Hargreaves, Michael Harvey, Davi Det Hompson, Stuart Horn, Peter Hutchinson, Robert Jacks, Tom Johnson, Jill Kroesen, Sharon Kulik, Bruce Kurtz, Joan Lyons, Mike Mandel (and Larry Sultan), George Miller, Robert C. Morgan, Adrian Piper, Patricia Plattner, Lucio Pozzo, Brenda Price, Vaughan Rachel, Marcia Resnick, Tony Rickaby, Edward Ruscha and Mason Williams, Patrick Blackwell, Italo Scanga (and James Carpenter, Dale Chihuly, Kate Elliott, Anne Schwab, and Barbara Vaessen), Carolee Schneemann, Joyce Cutler Shaw, Jenny Snider, Jim Snitzer, John Sokol, Athena Tacha, Patricia Tavenner, Fred Truck, Rae Tyson, Roland Van den Berghe, Peter Van Riper, Ray Varn Buhler, and Larry Williams.


No. 213 in "The Book on Books on Artists' Books" by Arnaud Desjardin. London, England : The Everyday Press, 2011, pp. 119.
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