• periodical
  • pictorial wrappers
  • offset-printed
  • sewn bound
  • black-and-white
  • 21.5 x 15.5 cm.
  • 220 pp.
  • edition size unknown
  • unsigned and unnumbered


No. 26 (Winter 1937)

Marcel Duchamp, Ferdinand Man Ray, Fernand Leger, Eugene Jolas, James Johnson Sweeney, James Agee, Forrest Anderson, Hans Arp, Paul Eluard, Randall Jarrell, Raymond Queneau, André de Richaud, Muriel Rukeyser, Sanders Russell, Camille Schuwer, James Joyce, Franz Kafka, Michael Stuart, Aaron Copland, Brassaï, Edward Weston, André Lhote, Grace Pailthorpe, Karl Blossfeldt, Josef Albers, Alberto Magnelli, Joan Miró, Jean Hélion, Hans Hartung, John Piper, Wolgang Paalen, Wassily Kandinsky, László Moholy-Nagy, Piet Mondrian, Julio González, Nahum Gabo, Ben Nicholson, Henry Moore, Erwin Panofsky, Charles Tracy, Alexander Calder, Stuart Gilbert, Georges Pelorson, Keidrych Rhys, Wendell Bennett, Leo Frobenius, Frans M. Olbrechts, J.M. Richards, Edwin Denby



Winter 1937 issue of the periodical "Transition," edited by Eugene Jolas, associate editor James Johnson Sweeney. Front cover design by Marcel Duchamp reproducing the Readymade "Comb." Includes "In Memory of My Father," by James Agee; "Resurgent," by Forrest Anderson; "The Skeleton of the Day," by Hans Arp; "Le Pont Brisé," by Paul Eluard; "Two Poems," by Randall Jarrell; "Planetarische Reise," by Eugene Jolas; "Chêne et Chien," by Raymond Queneau; "Anonyme," by André de Richaud; "Lover as Fox," by Muriel Rukeyser; "Cactus Gardens," by Sanders Russell; "Séparation," by Camille Schuwer; "work in Progress. Opening pages, Part II, Section III," by James Joyce; "Metamorphosis," by Franz Kafka; "Wanderer," by Michael Stuart; "Gyp's Song from 'The Second Hurricane,' by Aaron Copland with lyrics by Edwin Denby; "The Bridge of Avignon, 1936" a drawing by Man Ray; "Three Photographers," featuring Man Ray, Brassaï, and Edward Weston; "Apropros of Colour," by Fernand Léger; "The Unconscious in Art," by André Lhote; "Ancestors II, 1935" and ink drawing by Grace Pailthorpe; "Plant Tendrils," photo by Karl Blossfeldt; "Eight Painters," featuring Josef Albers, Alberto Magnelli, Joan Miró, Jean Hélion, Hans Hartung, John Piper, Wolgang Paalen, and Wassily Kandinsky; "An Academy for the Study of Light," by László Moholy-Nagy; "Three Notes, Compostition, Black, White and Red, 1936," by Piet Mondrian; "Four Sculptors," featuring Julio González, Nahum Gabo, Ben Nicholson, Henry Moore; "Style and Medium in the Moving Pictures," by Erwin Panofsky; "Cuttings from a film 'English Zoo Architecture,'" by László Moholy-Nagy; "OO to AH, a stage playlet in two scenes," by Charles Tracy; "Settings and Constumes for Charles Tracy's 'OO to AH,'" by Alexander Calder; "The Subliminal Tongue," by Stuart Gilbert; "The Third Eye: Ascension to the Tremendum - Chimera - Words from Sleep and Half-Sleep - America Mystica," by Georges Pelorson; "Cynghanedd Cymry," by Keidrych Rhys; "A Visit to the Witch of Darkness," by Wendell Bennett; "Birth of a Fable," by Leo Frobenius; "Song in front of the unfleshed bones," by Frans M. Olbrechts; "Construction - Dead and Alive," by J.M. Richards; and uncredited art from Gabon, Australia, Mexico, New Guinea, and Easter Island.

New York, NY: Transition,
Condition:  Poor / Fair. 4 x 1 cm. area of loss to recto edge with bumping along edge and a 2 x 1 cm. area of loss to corner. 3 cm. tear to spine edge and 2 cm. and 3.5 cm. tears on verso near spine. Light foxing of verso and discoloration and rubbing of recto and spine and cover edges. Water staining to edges of pages 1-35, 82 -122, 134 -136, 174 -189, and 196-206. Additional images available on request. Sold "as-is."
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